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You Can't Doubt This One

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Many years ago, my sister-in-law and her family gave me this adorable needlepoint pillow to hang somewhere in my home. It’s been with me for 30-years or more. I believe this little pillow speaks clearly to the 80% of individuals in the US who believe in angels, too, So, I guess I can’t go too far afield with this post.

Angels are everywhere. I happened to move in next door to a couple of earth angels, anyway that’s what I think they are. They’re an older couple who are the most joyful, helpful and loving neighbors anyone could ask for. And, regardless of their age, it doesn’t stop them watching out for me, helping in so many ways and being absolutely inspirational. I’m sure everyone can identify people in their own lives they swear are angels, too.

Sometime angels come bearing messages that are just for us; then they disappear from our lives and we never see them again. One perfect example happened to me while standing in the check-out line at a health food store in Phoenix, 20-years ago. Back then, I still looked pretty good in high heels, designer jeans, some kind of tank and blazer. Back then everything I bought was quite expensive and looked it. I was about to check out when a man behind me said,

“Lucky guy.”

I turned around, looked surprised and without smiling said,

“I’m not married.”

I may or may not have had some type of ring on that finger, I don’t remember, but I was a bit defiant thinking some stranger would actually speak to me about my personal life.

“I’ll bet you’re smart, too.”

With that, I burst into a big smile because I am pretty smart – anyway, his next comment stunned me.

“Don’t settle,” he said. “Find someone who is smart, rich and kind. Don’t compromise. I’ll tell you, if I wasn’t married myself, I’d be asking you for your phone number.”

Surprising comment from a total stranger but it came at a time when I was seriously considering finalizing a relationship which had a number of flaws and frankly, I would have really been compromising - not in terms of finances but in terms of other factors. I always thought that health food angel was sent by God to prod me to put the brakes on.

There are many other angel experiences, which I’ve experienced over the last 35-years. Don’t know about you but I am blessed with angels – everywhere. I have my favorites: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael – going for the Archangels here – who absolutely guarantee I find the best parking spot, no matter where I’m parking and have helped me that way for decades. My friends used to laugh but also couldn’t believe the parking places I snagged. So, now they also ask. Thanking angels in advance and after helps. I think they need to feel appreciated, too. Archangel Aerial helps me with my hair and Archangel Chamuel helps me find anything that is lost - always and without fail when I thank him in advance.

Some of you may be thinking that I shouldn’t bother important and busy angels with petty requests - but, they really don’t care. They don’t judge what’s important and what isn’t, they’re just happy to help. And, asking, I’ve learned, is the only way to engage their involvement because angels won’t voluntarily step-in – unless they are earth bound angels. Angels on the spiritual plane need to have the door opened for them. So, in my bedroom, the door to my closet, which I see every time I enter that closet is home to my little angel pillow. Even from my bed, that little pillow is perfectly visible: I Believe in Angels. And, throughout my home, iIf people look closely they’ll also see on the shelves of the various bookcases – angels sprinkled here and there, too.

There is a very simple philosophy about receiving abundance in all forms – those who believe, receive.

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