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“As we learn to let go of fear, doors open and answers come; fear is the enemy of vibrant health.” Sandy Cowen

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Wouldn’t we all love to take fewer prescriptions, or even none and still stay healthy? Even though scientific-based, conventional medicine dominates our lives, and the pharmaceutical industry dominates conventional medicine, it is still possible.


GET WELL— EVEN IN TODAY'S CONFUSION, UNCERTAINTY, AND FEAR teaches us where to look for options that are healthy while using the author’s amazing journey to recover from rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia (twice) and other chronic or life-threatening conditions without pharmaceuticals or conventional medical intervention to illustrate. Learn the power of one’s immune system and how to keep it in perfect form so it can protect us all from chronic and life-threatening illnesses and viruses, too.


If you’re looking for a source to trust that won’t ever disappoint you, that might be the magnificent body we call our own. We only need to understand how that glorious machine talks to us and then begin to listen!



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“A friend was so gracious to give me a copy of your book, and I am so grateful. I plowed into it right away and a loving it! I almost feel like you were in my heart and soul as you chose your chapters and words. I’ll be sharing it on my Facebook page.”


CV – Phoenix


“I cannot add much to your wonderful work except to encourage you to push and push to get your book out there—so needed and will be so valued, once read.”  Billy Graham (11-5-20 to Sandy)


Sandy Cowen has woven together the messages of 124 iconic souls from the “other side”—who, unsolicited, came through her to share reflections, insights and often regrets about their most recent lives. SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK shines a light on the soul’s journey and is a fascinating exploration into the human experiment.

If you ever wondered what Marilyn Monroe, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Judy Garland, Karen Carpenter, Robert Stack and Prince had in common, they all came with soulful regrets to share. President James Madison, Ayn Rand, Margaret Thatcher, Stan Musial, Henry David Thoreau and Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie and Clyde) had observations about our country’s current state of affairs. And Frank Sinatra, Dinah Shore, Mother Teresa, J. Paul Getty, Enzo Ferrari and Thomas Edison offered surprising advice! You’ll find twenty other intriguing chapters that are rich with content and you'll be stunned by who contributed to each.

SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK is a must read for the curious, for those searching for answers in their own lives and for those who simply want to reconnect with famous icons they thought were lost forever.  After reading this book, it will be impossible to ignore the possibility of life after life.

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White Flowers

SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK is not a story but a unique opportunity to peek into the lives of some of the most famous people of all time who have long since past. They are:

Jimi Hendrix • Barry Goldwater • Bing Crosby • Mahatma Gandhi • John F. Kennedy • Socrates • Marilyn Monroe • Winston Churchill • Mother Teresa • Henry Ford • Plato •

Frank Sinatra • Christa McAuliffe • Billy Graham • Joan of Arc • Attila the Hun • Prince •

Phyllis Diller • John D. Rockefeller, Sr. • Golda Meir • Walter Cronkite • Nikola Tesla •

Mama Cass Elliot • J. Paul Getty • Julia Child • F. Scott Fitzgerald •  Annie Oakley •



On Amazon and on this website!


“Awesome book! I read it cover to cover in one day. The world needs this.” 

DM, Florida


“I want this book out there. Jon’s passing and his continual connectedness to you were not without some larger benefit.  This book is skillfully assembled. It will touch hearts and open eyes. I will help you - we will help you.” GOD (4-5-20 to Sandy)


Anyone who has faced the passing of a loved one knows the pain of loss can be devastating.  The question remains, are those we loved gone forever?  Sandy Cowen’s story is a unique one but one that proves life after life exists, that love is the great connector and that helping one another can happen vertically as well as horizontally.


Facing the death of her only child, her son, Jon and only hours after his passing—she heard her son call out to her in confusion and fear; Jon’s death was a shock to him, too.  How mother and son reconnected and settled into a new, loving and ever deeper relationship is a fascinating story.  In this book, Jon’s voice is joined by many others as well the Divine to bring clarity around what transition is like, how heaven works and why it’s important for souls to stay connected, even after death. 


This book is a compelling read for anyone curious about the afterlife, who has lost a loved one, 

or wants to reconnect with the power of undying love. 

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Available Now!



“This is Sandy’s lifework and her calling. “HI MOMMA, IT'S ME” comforts us with its reassurance that our loved ones are still available to us.  It’s a profound, provocative, tender book that is so timely today.  After reading it, who can question that love is eternal?” 

Gladys Taylor McGarey MD, MD(H), the Mother of Holistic Medicine.

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“An enormous body of solid evidence reveals that human consciousness endures beyond physical death and that our personalities are preserved as well.  Sandy Cowen’s account of her contact with her departed son is further evidence of this fact.  If you have any doubt of personal survival following physical death, please read this account.  It is a powerful, intimate and beautiful description that our essence is immortal and eternal.” 

Larry Dossey, MD, New York Times Best Selling author, whose latest work is "One Mind: How Our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters"

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“Eloquent moving, thought provoking and achingly truthful. Thank you for writing this.” 


Rose Winters, CEO, Foundation for Living Medicine and Founding Board Member, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation

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“If I were cast ashore on some far

off island and given only two books

to read I’d choose the Bible and Sandy Cowen’s latest.  It will be a major life-changer for many.” 

Robert A. Mullen, retired business owner (Advertising/Public Relations) 

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“Sandy has experienced these amazing moments and taken time to put 

them in perspective for people. She will inspire others by her story.  

I really do love this book.” 

Wayne Clancy, Big data entrepreneur – Canada/U.S.A

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“Most gurus regurgitate the thoughts of others – ancient teachers, peers, patients – but you, my dear, originate, experience and prove – throughout your life, the lessons we all must learn. So happy to have connected, my new friend. 

Smiling in the light, Wayne" (Dyer) (6 -17)


“I’ll be there in your corner all through this. Great book, more to come."


Your pal, Wayne” (Dyer) (4-11-20 to Sandy)


“I’m enthralled by your book! I love it so much and love the way you write!”

CS, Paradise Valley, AZ



Get Well - Even When You've Been Told You Can't.

(2008, Empower Press) is the world’s first holistic healing handbook – paving the way for individuals to access the world of alternative medicine without fear and to find answers for chronic illnesses or conditions with a limited prognosis.  A must read for anyone who is sick of being sick and who has lost confidence in the answers conventional medicine provides.

“Through their illnesses you will help others see their spirit and to connect with their soul’s potential and calling.” 

Buddha (November, 2017 to Sandy)

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“GET WELL illuminates the path to health and healing regardless of the diagnosis.  Bravo, Sandy Cowen.”


Christiane Northrup, MD, MD(H), author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”, “The Wisdom of Menopause” and “Mother-Daughter Wisdom. 

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“I’m delighted Sandy has had the courage and strength to work with her health challenges and now to brilliantly write about the process she used to find wellness. This book will help both physicians and patients learn the lessons that disease teach us as we grow toward true health.” 

Gladys Taylor McGarey, MD, MD(H) is an author and cofounder of the “American Holistic Medical Association.”

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“A must read book that hands you the golden key to holistic healing.  Sandy shares her journey of courage and healing, helping you trust your inner guidance and to be present to the journey.  Filled with healing energy, humor and wisdom, you will be inspired and set a powerful course toward healing your body and life.”

Laura Alden Kamm, Medical Intuitive and author of “Intuitive Wellness; using your body’s inner wisdom to heal.”


“You are a healer.  An emotional healer.  A physical healer.  

A spiritual healer and write, you must.”  

ISIS (May, 2015 to Sandy)

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