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Sandy Cowen has always been a big thinker and an inspiration to others over the years. She was the first woman to own a full-service advertising agency in Arizona and in that role broke many barriers, won countless awards and set an example for others. Later, she harnessed her “strategic positioning” expertise to become a national and international consultant for major corporations facing challenging markets.

As a volunteer, she helped found and was the programmatic architect for the largest and most comprehensive women’s resource center in the country that quickly accommodated 30,000 client visits a year. She also launched a research study that changed the way Arizona’s first responders and the interfaith community deal with domestic violence.


She served in leadership positions on the Board of Directors of both nonprofit and for-profit companies. Sandy was appointed to commissions and boards by three governors and three mayors; is a member of MENSA, the organization for individuals with an IQ in the top 2%; and belongs to two distinctive “by invitation” organizations for women of achievement—one in Arizona and the International Women’s Forum, which is worldwide.


Unknown to others, during Sandy’s successful history was her battle over 35-years, with serious health issues like rheumatoid arthritis, Large Granular Lymphocytic (LGL) Leukemia (twice), psoriasis, chronic allergies, hyperthyroidism and neutropenia, from which she totally recovered without pharmaceuticals or conventional medicine.


Through her years of illness, Sandy acquired many ‘gifts’ which she kept hidden but today uses to help others. Those gifts of enhanced intuition and clairaudience—guide people through their healing journeys. They also enlighten and empower others through her books, articles, podcasts, speaking engagements and interviews.


Today, not looking anywhere near her real chronological age, Sandy Cowen is a role model of resilience. She teaches others that answers always exist and that each of us can take charge of our lives in ways that can be fascinating and exhilarating. Sandy continues to be an inspiration and empower those around her.


She is the mother of one son, Jon, now living on the "other side", and a very proud Grammy to Charlie, Jack and Lucy. She resides in Arizona. 


Remembering my son,

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                     October 7, 1969 - July 2, 2018

Since he passed, Jon has been continually with me as my second book attests.  In fact, this second book was his idea and without his contribution “HI MOMMA, IT’S ME” would have never become a reality.


Jon was full of life, a joy to others and was an incredibly loving father to his three children, Charlie, Jack and Lucy. Jon is still remembered fondly and missed by all those who knew him well. He was charismatic, loving, fun and once on the "other side", he ended up being remarkably enlightened.


Today, he is my best friend.

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Sandy's Podcast Series - Empowered Healing

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