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For 3-decades, Sandy Cowen used her intuition to find answers to challenges clients faced with startling results. Unaware of her "gifts" at the time, Sandy was applying them in 1973 when her advertising/public relations agency was born. Over time, there were so many success stories for her local and regional clients that her firm doubled in size 7 times in 14-years. Later, Sandy transferred her positioning skills into the global marketplace, as an international strategic positioning consultant. She retired in 2003.


Her secret was not complex. She followed her basic instincts, was open to be led, was joyful and thankful with the results and knew answers would always come. These flashes of insight opened the door to the possibilities that existed for her life as a whole. Helping businesses is one thing but helping oneself live life more fully is something totally different; that’s what is truly empowering. Here are a handful of examples of success stories from dozens and dozens over the years. This is what's possible.

Sales up from 44 units to 88 units the first year. Budget cut by 35%. (Condominium Project)

Targeted awareness rose from 2% to 35% in one year. Realtor base increased 85%, growth being a key goal. No budget increase. (Realty Company)

Food and beverage revenue up 300-400%, occupancy rose to 90-99%, local and national press coverage and won a national PR award for a 3-month, summer campaign (in Arizona). With only $10,000 spent in 1980.  (Local Resort)

Doubled sales in 3-months and sales tripled in 6-months. No budget increase. (Auto Dealership)


Cut the budget 75% and increased sales 77% over the previous year in 5-weeks of execution. (Regional Grocery Chain)

Business increased 47% from the previous 6-weeks. Unique ad strategy covered by the National Enquirer. No budget increase. (Restaurant Chain)

Major traffic change (on an urban 10-mile artery) was effectively communicated to entire marketplace with only $10,000 spent. No accidents, no complaints and the City won a national PR award. (Municipality)


A local campaign to boost morale of downtown workers, raise awareness of the needs of the homeless and stop related crimes resulted in a Man of the Year Award for the client, soaring morale of city workers, crime reports up (25% in one month) and national press attention in national newspapers, Newsweek and Time Magazine among others. (Phoenix Chamber of Commerce)

Sandy’s success with nonprofit clients are impressive, too.  That information is on request.

Empowement in Business


After a rash of serious illnesses, which began more than 40-years ago, Sandy Cowen learned that labels like “chronic illness” and “life-threatening” were just words, not facts.


The reason Sandy could say that is, over two different healing journeys, she recovered from rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, chronic allergies, hyperthyroidism, leukemia (twice) and even neutropenia, a disorder whereby the immune system can quit functioning and the body becomes unable to fight subsequent bacterial or viral infections. She did so without pharmaceutical drugs or conventional medical intervention. These auto-immune or immune deficiency conditions were now no longer "chronic" or "incurable" to her, regardless of labels they were given. She was empowered by recognizing her body’s incredible gifts.


Sandy was originally a dutiful conventional medical patient at age 37 and a natural approach to healing was never part of her plan. Soon after her rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, she lost confidence in conventional medicine's effectiveness
when she realized she wasn’t getting any better—her meds were just getting stronger. Although ignorant of what to specifically do next, she began her first healing journey.



Sandy explains it all in GET WELL – EVEN WHEN YOU’VE BEEN TOLD YOU CAN’T, published in 2008 which was designed to help critically or chronically ill patients find answers. This book is the first holistic healing handbook and explains the magic of mind-body-spirit medicine (holistic healing) and how to apply it. 

More than a decade later another healing journey ensued after a massive viral infection overtook her body, her immune-system became compromised, and once again, the rheumatoid arthritis and leukemia both returned. That’s when she also faced neutropenia—yet Sandy overcame them all. Her newest book, GET WELL—EVEN IN TODAY'S CONFUSION, UNCERTAINTY AND FEAR (2023) is for anyone who wants to apply holistic healing in their lives, take charge of their health, become less dependent on pharmaceuticals and heal in a way that delivers more quality of life—even as they age. 


Today, nearing eighty, Sandy Cowen is an inspiration, the picture of health and helps empower others regarding what’s possible in their lives.

Empowered Healing


Everyone possesses intuition but rarely engage it or even recognize it. Everyone also has a spiritual component to their lives, though they may not admit it, be aware of it, or have it purposely turned off.


Let’s start with intuition since we use it all the time, even when we’re unaware. When we have a gut reaction of any kind, that’s intuition. When we feel drawn to enter a store, pick up a book or stop at an article we’re scrolling past, that’s intuition, too.


Sometimes the way our body talks to us through spontaneous movement or thought, has an intuitive component as well. When our head turns unexpectedly, and we see something lying on the table we might have forgotten to take with us. Or, when we’re in the shower, and the answer to a problem we were working on the night before, pops into our head. Those are both gifts, too.

In terms of spirituality—that doesn’t have to have anything to do with organized religion, but can determine whether we live with trust and faith or succumb to hopelessness. The latter, which has a devastating effect on relationships, our future, and our health.


To live with more trust and faith is not complex and can start by learning to live with a quiet mind. That keeps us living in the present moment, alleviates worry and projecting in the future where we have no immediate control—or ruminating in the past over things that are past’. It’s hard to have faith or trust if we constantly worry.

Living in the moment, with a quieter mind, eventually allows a person to hear the ‘whispers’, which are those voices in our head that appear spontaneously and say things like, “Oh, bad idea, Sandy.” Or “What are you doing?” Not the negative self-talk, we consciously create all too often. No, these are spontaneous and unquestionably guidance from a power much greater than we are. We’ve all experienced those voices and I like to believe it's the Holy Spirit periodically guiding me. You may have your own interpretation, but we’ve all gotten that little nudge at one time or another.


Enhanced spirituality more deeply connects us to unconditional love, that I believe comes from God, but which others might believe comes from the Universe, Spirit or whatever more secular types call the Divine. All I know is once we become more open—to the unconditional love that flows constantly to each of us –our spirituality is magnified, and our healing becomes more powerful.


Sadly, some people refuse to acknowledge their intuition, shut down their spirituality and close off their ability to receive unconditional love. They’re missing a lot because that’s all there—just waiting to shower you with peace, contentment, and joy.

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Intuitive Empowerment and Connecting
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