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Recently I was asked to write five hundred words for an eBook on After Death. This is what I prepared although it is expanded a bit for this blog. I thought you might find it interesting. Ironically this piece gave me an opportunity to introduce my latest book, SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK (Waterside, November 2021), to an entirely new audience—so I was thrilled with the opportunity. This was the article.

Divine creations are so intricate that it’s taken man generations to even begin to figure them out. The body, for example, is still a mystery to scientists since its complexity continues to be a challenge. Another is astronomy, the oldest of natural sciences dating back prior to 6th century BC. Even now discoveries are routinely made, and conclusions once accepted continue to be revised and revised. Something as simple as three-dimensional holograms were also not created until 1948. Everything that exists within and beyond our own universe is also in discovery. So, it’s doubtful that a simple explanation of the afterlife can be formulated with mankind’s limited scope of understanding. Still, we search for answers.

In exploring the afterlife there are currently four unique perspectives to consider and limiting ourselves to only one is a mistake.

The first, solely from sources in this dimension, comes from other human beings with extensive spiritual or religious training who base their opinions on historical texts such as the Bible and proceed to teach us.

The second originates from anyone who has survived a near-death experience and share what happened to them. Even if a collection of such people, with similar experiences, were assembled—their first-hand knowledge would be for a relatively short period of time and with limited access to the whole of what exists beyond.

The next perspective emanates from third-party observers: angels, guides or spiritual entities, who often describe their opinions of what the afterlife for a human beings who have passed entail. Each of those third-party descriptions are qualified since again they’re observations, not actual recounts of the human experience.

The fourth perspective is one that’s particularly fascinating since it involves those of highly credible humans who have died and are now reporting back. These detailed messages often include the steps involved in transition, their descriptions of God and other aspects of their actual existence with life after death.

Yes, it’s possible for us to now learn from the collective accounts of hundreds of the most renowned souls who ever lived, now residing on the other side. Iconic leaders, inventors, brilliant writers, titans of industry and ancient philosophers whose observations have always been valued by humanity. These extraordinary individuals have not only come to share much on the afterlife but their reflections, insights and regrets about their own lives, as well. With more than 300 such legendary souls to date volunteering to describe the afterlife—or Heaven, as many call it—and how it works, we have a unique opportunity to once again learn.

Each of these legendary souls has come of their own volition to deliver messages because they know that every word will be captured and preserved. Although they share much more than the afterlife perspective, the extraordinary number of consistent elements on that topic is astounding while each message is unique in every other way. Those messengers from the other side continue to come.

Since the world is more open to the possibility of connecting across dimensions, it becomes possible now for all of us to gain additional insight and learn more about life after life from people who should know.

After that, we can begin to draw our own conclusions.

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