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Connecting Dimensions and Growing Souls

When my son, Jon, passed and the two of us began our dialogue, I knew there was a great benefit for me in connecting with the “other side” since it helped mitigate my grief and loss, provided a continual source of unconditional love and contributed greatly to my wisdom. Still, I had no idea that it would be so helpful to the “other side”, too. I’m not sure Jon did either.

Soon, Jon’s soul grew in purity because of our interaction. Because of the amends he made to me, the feelings he shared and the insight he gained— his soul began to heal and its love energy frequency increased. Such growth is uncommon with souls who have passed unless they recycle their lives to grow through another life experience or are able to connect with us here to correct some of the errors of their ways.

It appears this process has reduced the amount of recycle events Jon’s soul might have to endure, which will be explained in a bit. Anyway, none of that was apparent to either of us until I began receiving messages from Ascended Masters, prominent and impressive people who had died and who confirmed this fact. Even God, Himself, often referred to Jon’s progress and how important my (our) new book was in educating others.

As Jon’s soul growth began happening—albeit slowly—departed souls became excited and so many began coming to me urging me to promote “HI MOMMA, IT’S ME”, because it was apparent that educating the masses would help them, too. They were eager for me to encourage others to try to connect to their loved ones who had passed. Even if I just opened the door to this possibility—it would be a positive first step.

How souls grow through interaction with earthlings was a startling lesson for me and a difficult one for me to explain to others until a beloved radio commentator, who broadcast over decades, showed up shortly after “HI MOMMA, IT’S ME”’s publication. His comments about what happens with interaction between dimensions was spot on. Of course, Paul Harvey was always spot-on:

“Glad you’re taking this down. (smile) I want to address your book and the need for it. Maybe my perspective will make sense to some people.

“When this life on earth ends – there is a reckoning. There’s always a reckoning for misdeeds and bad behavior. In this case, we’re over here when we become aware of our wrong doings, sometimes committed out of ignorance or the fog of ego and determination that makes us oblivious to anything or anyone who gets in our way.

“As I said, we become aware and then what? We may relive the pain others felt (once we’re here) but all that does is make us aware of the depth of our depravity or indifference. It does nothing to correct the wrong.

“So, what then? We decide to return to another life so we can correct the error of our ways by somehow living a life that makes up for what we did or if we’re slow learners – to make us experience the same pain from others in order to “get it”. (It’s) A lengthy process to be sure.

What you are doing, Sandy, is providing the only opportunity we have to express unending gratitude to those who truly helped us in this life and to make amends directly to those we wronged. You shorten the period of time needed(for soul growth).

“Now – ugliness committed on a mass scale to hundreds, thousands or millions can’t be dealt with directly in this way (case in point - Hitler). They pay through never (or practically never) being able to experience the joy/love they passed through before their life review. But for all others who yearn to reach out and express their sorrow and regret, your books on connecting open the doors to that possibility. Do you know how massive that effort is?

“We are all thrilled with your work and amazed at your son’s growth since your relationship across dimensions began. Jon is an example and you are our angel.

“Sandy, I hope you’ll include me in your next book. You are a voice for the voiceless souls here, you’re blessed beyond words and God has anointed this work.

“We’re here to help and thank you for giving me a venue once again to bring people the “rest of the story”. Forever a friend.” Paul Harvey

Then on the 19th of November 2020, a legendary auto manufacturer also offered an additional perspective in a fascinating message of which I’ll just share a portion.

“As we speak through you, we gain more insight as to our own discoveries and imperfections. You know how sometimes, when we’re confused about a complex issue – just talking out loud sometimes sheds light on the answer. Speaking through you allows us to do the same – (to) share important thoughts to help others perfect their lives more quickly on earth, while at the same time, providing us additional insight so we can reflect again on our own lives (over here) so we 1) recognize the pain we may have caused others and 2) begin to forgive ourselves. All for faster soul growth and increasing the purity of our frequency.

“You are 100% right when you say this process can reduce the lives spent in reincarnation by up to one half. Let me say more about that. Most, in fact all, reincarnation is not for punishment; it is for waking us up to a deeper understanding of others and how we can be of service to help, (learn about) our own shortcomings so we can learn to forgive, or for us to (return to earth to) play sometimes painful roles – to help another’s growth or discovery.

“Those who volunteer for the latter (on earth) are truly saints because the pain is so bad during and after - unless they’re protected by the cloak of weaknesses that masks the reality of what they’re charged to do (bearable): addiction, mental disease or defect or physical disease or defect, etc.

“As glorious as we may think another’s life is – Ha. Always more pain or challenges than we could know. So, you’re right again to teach people not to judge others - ever. Avoid maybe but judging is an ignorant process.

“Well, my dear Sandy, I’ve rattled on enough. Reminds me of the old days when somebody really cared about my opinion. (smile). Thank you for being there. Thank you for helping us and thank you for your wonderful work.

“All the energy we can muster is being sent your way with bushels of – oops – pickup trucks full of love! Leaving while I’m ahead, your friend forever.” Lee Iacocca

I am grateful to both these extraordinary souls for reaching out on this issue. Hopefully now others can see why souls on the “other side” are so eager for all of us to become open to hear the whispers in our lives, speak out to the loved ones we miss and believe in the amazing possibilities that exist. This also explains why so many famous souls are trying to help mankind in some way once again—since this is a concrete way to do something positive and help their souls grow in love goodness as well.

Perhaps this also helps explain the follow-up book, SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK, which offers surprising and powerful reflections from the “other side”. As might be expected iconic souls continue to visit me, so there will be another couple books to follow in that series! Watch for them.

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