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Found Your Prince on a White Horse Yet?

Many women reading this blog can remember the fairy tale they fantasized about growing up that described the prince on a white horse riding up to whisk them away to “happily ever after.” If women were too young to remember the actual fairy tale, they’ll certainly remember Julia Robert and Richard Gere in the movie, Pretty Woman. Yes, regardless of the hardships we’ve faced, the mistakes we’ve made or the difficult life we were dealt—some still hold on hope that one day that prince on a white horse will still show-up.

Holding on to a dream like that isn’t likely to many marriages since it’s easy to create an unrealistic picture of what perfection looks like and then make those deadly day-to-day comparisons. The guy in real life rarely exceeds the image!

I’m not dwelling on such dreams anymore since I’ve lived a long, fruitful and adventurous life even with its tough patches. I thought I had the prince three times but was wrong every time! Still, life has been an adventure and now that my life is so full and glorious; I don’t want anyone to whisk me up and take me away from it at all.

In fact, I hadn’t thought of that fantasy image for years until another surprise visitor from the “other side” paid me a visit: Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly).

For those who might not remember who she is, Grace Kelly blessed her parents lives in 1929 and became an American actress. She was born into an affluent family in Philadelphia and her career began spanned the early to mid-1950’s. She was beautiful and graceful on the screen; the camera loved her.

Then she met Prince Rainier III in 1956 and in a whirlwind romance—the kind movies are made about— married her making her Princess of Monaco in a ceremonious and elaborate wedding that was televised around the world to over thirty million viewers. There’s more about her life that you can read in Book Two of SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK when it’s published next year but I couldn’t wait to bring you part of her message.

This is the part in which Princess Grace translates that story of the Prince on a White Horse, the actualization of what she found, to a story that will apply to us all!

My life was a living fairytale and people were glued to the screen or the pages of magazines to read about it. What a gift to be able to bring a magical story to the world, to help keep dreams alive and to inspire millions.

“I was careful in that role to do what was expected of me and the circumstances I was given were wonderful. A handsome prince, a face and body that fit the part and a persona that didn’t disappoint the public. I stayed reserved, dignified, and gracious. Yet, deep inside, I was exactly like everyone else on this planet when we experience a life given to us. I was frightened, intimidated, overwhelmed, and disappointed—over and over. I was human.

“A life like mine isn’t meant to go on forever. It is a story, really. I left behind beautiful children and a husband who missed me in the remainder of his life.

“I also wanted to come speak through you to people who long for a life like mine. For young women who wait for that handsome prince to come riding up on the white horse and rescue them—much like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. It’s rare, my friends, very rare but that is only because we have the incorrect image of a prince on a white horse.

“What that signifies is this. A good person to sweep into our lives (white horse, you see) who will see who we really are (perhaps, see us as a princess—of sorts). Someone who will see the best in us, not the worst and treat us accordingly. That person will work hard to produce a life for us that will blend with ours so together we can make a rewarding life, bring happy children into the world and be examples to others through our love and mutual respect.

“That, my friends, is what the prince on the white horse story is meant to convey. It is not a literal story; it is a figurative one.

“Perhaps the end of my story is the fact that I could come back to you and explain it all better. I hope with this message, some of you will turn around and look at your lives, recognize who your husband or wife or partner truly represents and realize what you truly have been given, too.

“If this isn’t your story yet—there is still time to change the script!

“With love for all your readers and for you, Sandy.” Princess Grace of Monaco

Princess Grace’s life, as she said, wasn’t meant to last forever since she died prematurely from injuries sustained in an automobile crash when the automobile which carried Princess Grace and her 17-year-old daughter Stephanie missed a sharp curve and plunged over a 120-foot slope. Princess Stephanie had only minor injuries, but Princess Grace died later in the hospital from a brain hemorrhage, likely caused by the accident. She was fifty-two years old.

Perhaps this message will help some people realize that not every story is literal and not every metaphor about life is literal, either. Some are simply stories to be interpreted in ways that help us find peace and happiness in our own lives—or guide us to make smart decisions.

I hope this message will do that for you.

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