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Love – Always the Answer

When we’re in the depths of despair, feel lost, are searching for answers and cry out for help—whatever we ask for or say from the heart and at the time is always heard. Such it was for me in 2007 when I was faced with so many variables in my life with none clearly defined—in terms of my health, my living environment, my work and the possibility of a romantic relationship lying ahead. They were all weighing heavily on me because there were so many forks in the road and timing made a huge difference. If I did one thing, it affected the others, etc.

I was even questioning whether all my intuitive work was a conflict with my relationship with God, since I had also been more actively following Christian teachings, which were comforting. I realized that even though I didn’t see a conflict with that, there might be one. Frankly, I was over-thinking everything and trying to control every aspect of my life, which is always impossible. Meanwhile, money was running out while I struggled with all the uncertainty in my future. There were too many options and to many questions.

I woke up one morning sobbing and asking God for help—to guide me, to direct me and to bring clarity to all the issues I was facing. This is the message I received and the reason I am sharing it is because it’s so beautiful. I just knew it would help others facing similar challenges. I asked for direction and guidance and this was the message God sent:

“Everyone’s job is to bring love. That is who I am and that is what you are meant to express through your relationships, your work and your actions. Don’t isolate yourself. Don’t hide. That is fear. Love heals—know that.

“In terms of connecting with the beyond—fine, but do so with love. In terms of what medicines to take—who cares? Do it with love. In terms of your own vessel’s clarity (eliminating stored negative emotions) and your ability to maintain a healthy body—you live only in love. Bathe your soul in love and release anything negative, dark or fearful. You’ll be fine—and beautiful.

“Love everything. Love your sickness—it gives you time to reflect. Love your poverty —it eliminates stress and helps you simplify life. Love your enemies —they are there to teach you. And, love me—I am there to guide and protect you.

“In terms of accessing those on the other side—I created angels and all of you, your guides, ascended masters and all of everything—so why should you shun away from any of my creations?

“Just remember, love is simple, love is uncomplicated, love is peaceful love is kind and love is helpful and trusting. Can you imagine a world filled with that?

“And, regarding Mother Earth. She is mine, too. Love is what she responds to best, but she is as complex and sturdy and resilient as that magnificent body I gave you—so it takes an awful lot to hurt her. Don’t fall victim to fear or listen to those who play on fear regarding her. Love her. Love me.

“Now, for your work. My child, love—and it will come. Love and forgive. It will come in time.

“I haven’t abandoned you—it is just your timetable we are working from up here and you have high expectations for yourself. You minimized your future pain. You maximized your strength. We are all trying to help you get through it all easily. Fallback position—love. And, you will love your work. You will love your final home and you will romantically love again. All soon. All soon.

“Now, my child, have peace today. Work on your website or whatever you have planned. It is OK, but always do so with love. Teach love. Live love.

“So, in love, I am here for you—forever.”

If you are similarly struggling in your life and are confused, disillusioned and even despondent—have hope. You are protected and you are loved.

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