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The Second Heaven

Over the last 30-years, as souls were periodically reaching out to contact me, I’ve been given extraordinary insight into what awaits us all—after we transition to the other side. I won’t drill down into the details of the total Heaven experience, but rather just give you an overview since it’s all a bit complex to deal with here. Instead, I’ll focus on what I’ve been told about everyone’s additional, personal Heaven or Second Heaven, as I like to call it.

You see, Heaven is more comprehensive than just the stereotypical one-dimensional destination we all picture in our minds, To illustrate that, one might refer to this quote from the Bible when Jesus said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” (John 14:2 – King James Version). This was a metaphor Jesus spoke to his apostles at the Last Supper and I suppose religious scholars are still dissecting each word for the precise meaning. I have my own interpretation based on what souls, already there, have shared with me.

The idyllic picture of Heaven does exist; the one glorious place which is permeated with love to such an extent that the peace and joy are felt beyond one’s ability to measure or describe it. But, beside that stereotypical Heaven, there are elements or mansions within—that serve various purposes for our soul’s growth. Heaven is all energy it's not the linear, 3-dimensional existence we can relate to from this earth experience. It’s more holographic in nature but even more intricate than that.

First, there is a place for a decompression of sorts, a large healing area where our souls go for reflection, communication and future planning. That’s the place where we review our past life and ruminate on where we fell short, feel the pain we caused others and gain insight enough to plan for our future soul growth. It seems souls bounce back and forth into that space for as long as they require such reflection.

There is interaction with other souls, too, but again it’s energy-based and involves more feeling than any type of verbalization. Therefore, a soul recognizes what the other souls are communicating—such as recognition, forgiveness, love, excitement, happiness, etc.

Additionally, there is a place where souls can reach out to those of us still living. I’m not sure if that interaction takes place within the first reflection space or if this “radar screen”, as some refer to it, is in some other space they access to watch over us and sometimes try to communicate.

Then, there is the personalized Heaven—the place to which a soul can retreat, which is unique to each individual soul and therefore different for everyone. This is the portion of Heaven that I refer to as the Second Heaven. I know this might sound like a fairy tale I’ve dreamed up, but I’ve heard this described from dozens and dozens of souls who have visited me. They have all volunteered this information, I’ve not asked. Here are a few examples of such comments.

One of my dearest friends who passed in 2011 came to me shortly after his death because he wanted me to know how amazing Heaven was. It was pages and pages of description and much of what Jack shared with me was later echoed by other friends, family and even strangers who have come to me since. The duplication in the overall description leaves little room for doubt. So, let me share only a tiny bit of what Jack told me—because he went on and on with his description—in a direct quote. He was so excited, he wanted to explain to me the scope of his glorious experience:

Then the “nature on steroids” Heaven.” Jack was beginning to describe what came next.

“Seems to me everybody would interpret this differently, for some—ocean—for others gardens and for others grassy fields. For me it was scenic, tropical—plant leaves as thick as the width of a finger. Lush, vibrant, unbelievable! I can come back here as often as I wish.”

A year later, the mother of another friend of mine came to give a message to her son. When she was describing heaven to me, she said:

I’m happy up here. Lots of beauty – in which I thrive. And lots of beautiful people.”

Her last sentence confirmed that was Francis because she had led a very privileged life in one of the country’s dynasty families in the 20th century but meanwhile had been a horrible mother. She was spoiled and so self-absorbed she didn’t even know the names of her grandchildren but being around beautiful women and men made her happy. She had exquisite taste and having met her, this ‘Heaven’ made perfect sense to me.

Francis’ former husband also connected with me. William (Billy) was a world-class big game hunter, avid sportsman and deep-sea fisherman with a magnificent yacht and personal jet since the 50’s, when they were first sold. He wanted to say hello to his son, as well. This is what he said about his special environment:

“No fishing or hunting up here but I am surrounded by the most magnificent creatures God ever created—the current and the extinct. My idea of Heaven, absolutely.”

Another departed friend described his Second Heaven as one containing “big dinners and events and galas – beautiful people, wonderful food, great speakers of an elevated kind with much beauty and ceremony. Anything like that. People all around. I loved people. I loved beauty and I loved wisdom.”.

Still others characterized their personal Heaven as golf—playing all the most magnificent courses in the world or the ocean—highlighting the sounds and smell, boats of all kinds. Another shared how he was in awe of his musical experiences after passing: “the depth and richness of sounds you could never phantom.”

To clarify, souls don’t physically engage in these passions but rather experience them in a more sensory way. They are almost drenched in the wonderful feelings they remember of each experience be it adventure, peace or whatever the activity or environment was they truly loved.

Hearing so many stories and the richness of detail that they explained, it became obvious to me that the heart’s true passion from this life carries with all of us to the other side as well. I think it’s fabulous that God rewards us in such a personal way, even in a place that is divine enough all by itself.

For those even more curious, additional details regarding whether we all go to Heaven, or elsewhere, and more soul sharing about Heaven can be found in my previous book, “HI MOMMA, IT’S ME” – How Souls Stay Connected Forever and the Power of Undying Love (October 2020) on Amazon or my website - .

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