The Second Heaven

Over the last 30-years, as souls were periodically reaching out to contact me and over that time, I’ve been given extraordinary insight into what lies ahead for all of us when we transition to the other side. I won’t go into all the details of the heaven experience, since it is too complex to deal with here. So, for the purpose of this blog, I want to share what I’ve been told about everyone’s additional, personal heaven or second heaven, as I like to call it.

You see, heaven is more complex than we might believe. Perhaps that’s why this quote exists in the bible from Jesus saying, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” (John 14:2 – King James Version). This was a metaphor Jesus spoke to his apostles at the Last Supper and religious scholars are still dissecting each word for Jesus’ precise meaning. I have my own interpretation based on what souls, already there, have shared with me.

Although heaven is one glorious place, permeated with love to such an extent that the peace and joy one feels is beyond measure; in other words, the stereotypical heaven does exist. The many elements or mansions that lie within the afterlife are tricky to describe since some are holographic in nature and frequency plays a role in the total explanation. But, briefly, there’s a place for a decompression of sorts, a large soul healing area (for reflection, communication and future planning) and the personalized heaven which is different for everyone. This is the portion of heaven that I refer to as The Second Heaven.

One of my dearest friends who passed in 2011 came to me shortly after his death because he wanted me to know how amazing heaven was. It was pages and pages of description and much of what Jack shared with me was later echoed by other friends, family and even strangers who have come to me since. The duplication in the overall description leaves little room for doubt. So, let me share a bit of what Jack told me in a direct quote when he was explaining to me the scope of his glorious experience: