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Practical Wisdom from Beyond

After a rash of incurable illnesses that began more than 35-years ago, Sandy Cowen found her life completely changed.


Through her healing journeys, she developed intuitive capabilities that, frankly, stunned her. These gifts have continued to grace her life and today, Sandy uses her gifts to connect across dimensions to bring insight and clarity on a range of topics to enrich the human experience.


“Life is simple. It’s all about loving each other everywhere - even across dimensions.” Sandy 

“The beauty of life is the unlimited potential it offers through love.  If one’s heart is pure, intention is in love and soul is determined to grow, nothing is impossible.” 

Ram Dass (4-20-19 to Sandy)

Everyone has ‘gifts’, we’re just too busy to notice.  If our minds are spinning, we can’t hear the whispers but, if we are open to and acknowledge what we hear, we can create miracles in our businesses, find answers for our health challenges and celebrate a joyful life by finding time to connect. The result, becoming empowered through God’s many gifts.


“Most don’t know where to turn, who to believe and they hide from the obvious, God.”  Mary, Mother of Jesus (1-17-20 to Sandy). Mary concluded that even without a formal religion – or others to help - people can clear the path to find God themselves. 


Sandy Cowen's own experiences prove that by possessing an open, loving heart and pure intention - anything is possible!

Using Your Intuitive Gifts

“Life is so simple. Look to God. 

Open your heart and receive the abundant love until it overflows.” 

Jesus (January,2020 to Sandy)


The Power of Love

The love of one person for another can spur that person on to greatness, bring calmness to a restless spirit and help a soul heal. Regardless where we are - in this life or another - the power of love is what connects us forever and ever and ever. 

Since God is love – there is no emotion more powerful.

Don’t forget to love yourself. 

Soren Kierkgaard

“When you begin each day with love, what follows is a joyful adventure.” 


“Feel my love and sigh in complete contentment.”  

GOD (December, 2019, to Sandy)

“We never leave those we love. Love binds us eternally” 

GOD (December, 2019 to Sandy)

“All there is – is love”.  

THE BEATLES.  (It is estimated that more than 100 million songs about love have been recorded). 

“Love is the energy of life.” 

Robert Browning

“Love. The great connector. The great healer. The great peacemaker and the one place where everyone can find warmth and contentment.” 

Jesus (January, 2020 to Sandy)

“If you wish to be loved; Love.” 


"And now abide: faith, hope and love, these three: the greatest of these is love.” 

1 Corinthians 13:13


Outdoor Meditation


Holding Hands