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Surprise Visit - Jimi Hendrix

When they were younger, my grandchildren would ask to hear “Grammy stories” and I loved to oblige. Once I started to tell them a story about Jimi Hendrix but thought they wouldn’t know who he was.

“Of course, I know, Grammy,” said my grandson, Charlie. “He was the greatest guitar player, ever.”

Charlie was maybe 10 or 11 years old at the time (2010 or 2011) and I was shocked that he would know about Hendrix . So, I told the story. Back in 1967, my former husband and Poppa to the grandkids, owned a record distributorship for the Southwest. When one of their recording artists come to town, Bobby would invite record store owners, disc jockeys, promotional people from LA and various other VIPs to join us at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, which was the metropolitan area’s leading concert venue at the time. There’s be a dozen or so of us and we’d form a casual line at the back door to welcome the artist when he or she pulled up prior to the performance. Then we’d all enter to attend the concert and often Bobby and I would take the artist to dinner after.

Anyway, there we were in line and I had on a cute red plaid wool mini skirt/vest with white turtleneck sweater and white go-go-boots. I was only 23 at the time. Up pulled Jimi Hendrix in a white limousine and as he briskly walked by the group – not bothering to greet anyone, really - he grabbed my arm and pulled me in with him. I guess he thought I was a gift.

“You can’t take her,” someone in our group yelled, “That's Bob Cowen’s wife.”

It was funny, really and of course he let go of me, but that was not the funny part of the story. A month or so later, after I had shared this story with my grandkids, I was told that my grandson Charlie told the priest in his religion class that Jimi Hendrix could have been his grandfather. Can’t imagine the stir that caused but needless to say, I selected my stories more carefully after that.

So, you can imagine how surprised I was when on August 3, 2020, fifty-seven years later, I had a visit from Jimi Hendrix. First came bizarre electrical issues with a smoke detector as well as my bedroom light and I knew someone was definitely trying to contact me. So I sat down with pen in hand and since I had no idea who it was, it took a while for me to identify the guest. It ended up being a male in the music industry, which gave me no clue but after a minute or two Jimi Hendrix’s face popped into my mind. Sure enough, it was him. This is his entire message, since I always write them down, verbatim:

“Well, there you are. It’s Jimi Hendrix coming to you now. Want me to drag you into another concert? When I focus on your energy (over here) the story about you and me stands out – funny. And, you tell it well. Tell your grandson, Charlie, I would have been delighted to be his grandfather. Very funny, in religion class? Well, that wouldn’t have been my most comfortable place in school. HA!

“Bet you don’t know why I came to you, right? You figure it’s because of the story you tell. Well, that’s how you got my attention – but that’s not the reason.

“I loved what I did in this life. I loved music and I loved the guitar – more than anything else but, the way I celebrated my passion and love was destructive – not productive. Just think I could have influenced so many young black kids to take up this instrument. There aren’t a lot of black guitar players (at least electric) – and I could have been a positive role model had I stuck around a bit but, I was stupid and my approach to life was “a little is good, a lot is better”. So, everything was in excess. Not healthy.

“A person can’t appreciate what they have or are doing if they are constantly jamming more into the equation. What starts out as fabulous is overshadowed quickly by shoving more and more on top of that – and then the appreciation is lost. Greed is destructive, mainly to the person who is greedy. I was that way with everything – including women.

“When I saw you, I just flashed my glance at the line and you stood out – maybe your energy and maybe your outfit and maybe your looks or body type and blonde hair, who knows? But, you were a quick burst of energy and I grabbed it. That is what I did throughout my life - and look what it got me. Fast burnout.

“So, I have come to you today to tell you not to do that. Savor every minute. Don’t always push through the praise or force your body to do more and more and more, if you are slightly tired. Rest. The best life is the balanced life. You will live longer and be able to do more of OUR work if you handle your life and where you are headed in this new role that way.

“Got it?” (Got it – my response.)

“Also, you can tell Charlie I appreciated him saying I was the best guitar player

in the whole world. Especially cool coming from a young, white boy.

“Sandy, you’re special and that is why we are all stepping up to talk to you, to give you support, to share love and to share additional wisdom. I hope we aren’t a pain in the ass for being too aggressive here. Now, you’re getting multiples at a time. Big compliment, kiddo.

Jimi was referring to the electrical havoc they often cause when trying to contact me and get my attention. The multiples reference was the fact a few days before 5 different souls came to me at the same time, all regarding the same subject, so they just formed a group. Back to Jimi:

“I’m not sure I can contribute much in terms of wisdom – I’m still deep into my own learning, since I was a mess – but I am here to support you and just be another voice in the chorus of souls cheering you on.

“Thanks for letting me connect and for being open to this wonderful new dimension in relationships. We’re proud of you. Your friend, Jimi Hendrix.”

I could have deleted some portions of this message but I wanted you to see the entire thing since it speaks to how important all these souls view our ability to connect with them. They often want to offer wisdom, sometimes they simply unburden guilt – and help their souls heal more quickly, sometimes they just want to give us love and support. I thought this message was a wonderful example of how a soul, who's a complete stranger, finds a way to connect with us and, in the process provides valuable information – we can all use - for our growth and peace. That’s why I’m delighted to be an instrument for such souls and share what is said, with you.

This was a surprise visit, indeed. A wonderful surprise.

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