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Shining a Light on the Devil

Updated: May 6, 2021

God fearing people are familiar with Satan, also referred to as the devil. These folks know that the devil constantly tempts us, that he works through our thoughts and that he poisons our minds. When speaking of such an entity, it’s totally logical that we create an image that makes sense; some devised a red, ugly creature with a long tail and a pitch fork – seems fitting, I guess.

Now, picture what God looks like; that's much more tricky. We can picture Jesus or Buddah or other Ascended Masters because they were all mortal at one time, but the essence of God’s majesty is too much for the human mind to comprehend. Some describe Him as pure love, omnipresent, unconditional and never ending.

So, if that’s the case and God can only be described in the emotional or energetic framework – then what would the opposite of God be within those same parameters? Well, the most evil emotion there is isn’t anger, it’s fear because fear is the root cause of anger, hate, envy, disgust, negativism, worry, hopelessness, paranoia, stubbornness, impatience, resentment, guilt and jealousy – as well as fear, itself. Fear is the root cause of everything that causes problems in our lives and robs us of simple joy, God’s greatest gift to us.

Love, on the other hand, the way God operates, fuels gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, thankfulness, kindheartedness, faith, bravery, optimism and joy. Everything that is part of the glory of life we all want to experience. Each of those emotions are magnified by love and is the root of every single positive emotion of which we can imagine. Yes, love and fear are clearly opposite.

Christian teachings remind us that Jesus came to this earth to give us the ability to live a joyous life, be forgiven of our sins and have a pathway to Heaven. Throughout his life and in his teachings, Jesus reinforced all the emotions that are uplifting and positive. So it makes perfect sense that stealing those emotions from us, which we were taught to express, might be right up the devil's alley.

After much dialogue with spirits who have passed and a number of spiritual masters, guides and angels, there is no question that God is love to such a degree that bliss permeates everything on the other side. God is our friend and loves us eternally. Fear is something else. So, I've always been challenged in reconciling that God created the antithesis of Himself, the devil, even before Adam and Eve. The devil isn’t even an equal – he’s a wannabe. So, where did the devil come from? Well, this is just my unsubstantiated theory - interesting, if nothing else.

The devil may have begun through Adam and Eve's creation for it is they who exercised their free will, another of God’s amazing gifts, this time not to obey Him. By demonstrating a lack of self-discipline and respect for His one simple request, the result was trouble. My theory flies in the face of the devil already existing and tempting them; so just humor me a while longer. Eve just decided not to follow the one simple request made - and took a bite out that apple.

So, after picking that apple, what did Adam and Eve feel? They felt they hid and the emotion they felt - embarassment, shame and fear, invited the devil into their lives. Their guilt (another fear-based emotion) also surfaced. Mortals were never the same after that and divine bliss gave away to the ageless dichotomy – love vs. fear, with which we all have to deal today.

Whichever theory makes sense to you, after that incident in the Garden of Eden we quickly learned that the devil's greatest power was to thrive in a fear-based enviromment, ripe with so many related emotions, to sabbotage our lives.

We are our own worst enemy and we are the devil personified, when you think of it. We each have a dark and negative side – and if we simply allow ourselves to do whatever pops into our heads or act freely on every feeling that surfaces with no concern for others or love for our fellow man, we end up wreaking havoc on each other and our planet. Looks like we've done plenty of that.

The fear-based feelings we experience punish us in more ways than we can recognize. Some of us live with endless worry and anxiety – not pleasant. Others live with needless guilt – again, not a picnic. Still others experience jealousy and envy throughout their lives, which causes a world of problems, too. While those who stay in God’s path, who obey His word and follow His simple instructions for an easy life – find peace, security, love and joy – everywhere they look.

Some individuals actually become possessed and I believe that happens when they surrender to living in those fear-based emotions, doing all sorts of bad things to one another – because the rewards for doing so are almost addictive: ego-building, bank account stuffing, or constant attraction by the opposite sex – it might be tempting to remain aligned with evil. That’s how monsters are born. The temptation overwhelms them and they continue to spread fear and evil in the world.

So – for those of you waiting for a little red guy in an intriguing body suit and tail, you’ll be waiting a long time. The devil is much more subtle than that. Instead, try looking in the mirror and if you don’t like what you see – shake off those negative emotions while you can and begin opening your heart and embracing love.

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