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In Which Dimension Do You Reside?

This is a fascinating topic which is very confusing for some because the word dimension means very specific but very different things. In its most common form, it describes the mathematical application. We initially think about the dimensions of an item, for example, the height, length, and depth. Or, in other words, the up/down, in/out and left and right of anything. We live in a three-dimensional society with the fourth dimension being time. That might be the most common definition of dimension but not the one we’ll be using here.

Another is when I speak about connecting with other dimensions and in that case, I’m speaking about dimensions external to the ones we access while living on earth. So, all this can be truly confusing which is why I’m trying to clarify it all in this particular blog. I will use this reference a bit later in terms of what it takes to make such connections and if there is a human dimension to which we ascend that makes that ability easier and we will find it does. That elevated status not having to have been a gift one receives but rather it can be something into which one evolves as you will see,

Finally, for the purposes of this blog, the word dimension will be used extensively to also identify the level of energy frequency in which each of us may reside while alive. That is another way to use that very flexible noun. A person’s energy frequency determines whether they reside within the third, fourth or fifth dimension of existence. So, we’ll be exploring the uniqueness of each dimension and what benefits each provide.

You’ve likely heard people talk about the fifth dimension—no not the recording group from the 60’s—the fifth dimensions in terms of energy frequency. This fifth dimension is the highest vibration one can attain while living on earth. Those who meditate for extended periods of time search for that state and many with very mature or old souls seem to reach that status more easily. Let me explain the process, description, and benefits in more detail. They are actually quite interesting.

Life on earth for most people exists within the third dimensional process. The third dimension is one in which a person feels and responds to fear and feels separation. It is that person’s belief system that holds them captive within this dimension. It’s truly a lousy place to reside but terribly common. This is a place where one can feel stress easily and become anxiety ridden. This is the place where we, at any point in time, make a choice between living in love and living in fear. It is the lowest density vibration of existence for developed human beings.

If you remember, I routinely talk about the difference between love-based emotions and fear-based emotions and how the former helps us find peace. The reason is because love emotions generate a higher frequency and fear-based emotions create a more dense, lower vibe. It is unconditional love that helps us move into higher frequencies.

Let me also clarify one more point about frequency. I once tried to describe higher and lower vibrations to an engineer who insisted that higher vibrations were more damaging to one’s health than lower vibrations. He was referring to brain waves, which are a totally different subject than the overall vibrational energy of a soul, or one’s consciousness. His was a more scientific reference so our discussion became very confusing for him. Neither were wrong, we were just talking about two different things. Since everything is comprised of energy and there are at least thirty thousand frequencies, which make up all matter, they are measured in Hz or kHz. In the electromagnetic spectrum the waves can be described as frequency, wavelength, or photon energy. The good news is I’ll not be discussing any aspect of the body’s energy as measured by medical means.

This discussion will focus on spiritual frequency which makes up the dimension in which we chose to exist on this earth plane. There are three basic choices, the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. I’ve just discussed the third dimension (the fear-based one). People who want to control our lives hope we will stay in that dimension because fear allows for the control by others.

The fourth dimension is when our energy lightens or raises so we break free of fear and separation, move into a heart space and by loving one another unconditionally, realize that we are all connected—so separation flies right out the window, as does harsher forms of judgment, racial or any other kind of bias which tends to put people into groups. The fourth dimension is the gateway to the fifth.

The fourth dimension is where we become more aware of that spark in all others that is divine. When we acknowledge and recognize that spark in another person and open our hearts to make an instant connection, that is when we unconditionally love them. Dogs do this automatically and so do tiny children. As humans mature, we screw up the process God designed for us.

The fifth dimension is the final destination we can achieve while living on the earth plane. This is the place where a true multi-dimensional reality can exist, where a person becomes enlightened spiritually and has a higher understanding of the universe. In this frequency, one can routinely hear guidance and messages from angelic guides, spirit guides, ancestors and beings that exist on a higher plane. In this space, one feels totally safe, secure, and supported 24/7.

The fifth dimension opens us to more feelings of happiness, joy, love, and appreciation in the form of gratitude for everything around us. Time feels more fluid and less rigid, and, in this space, one realizes and accepts that life in this body will end but one’s soul will live on forever.

The shift to this fifth dimension can occur suddenly or more gradually as it did for me. Over the years, my day-to-day routine has become altered and may sound bizarre to some, whereby I frequently act as a conduit for souls on the “other side”—but to me it is now perfectly normal and peaceful.

Christians who read “JESUS CALLING”, if they have read the introduction to this book, realize that its author, Sarah Young, and I have similarities in the way we receive information. Gradually, over time, she began to receive guidance and then the voice of Jesus was more obvious helping guide the writing of her amazing book of daily meditations. Although each page bears biblical references, her writings are not verbatim from bible verses but rather only bear a resemblance to those teachings. The actual content of her book is a series of personal messages to her from Jesus and are beautiful. One in particular addresses the subject of dimensions.

I won’t quote directly from her book but am paraphrasing the page that says that there are more than four dimensions in the world in which we live. Although this book is referring to the scientific dimensions of up-down; right-left and in-out—the fourth dimension being time, it continues to explain that the final dimension (that would be number five—the elevated status) transcends the others providing glimpses of heaven while still residing on earth. That was God’s original design for us—that we should enjoy the fullness of life. God now invites us all to walk with Him in the garden of our hearts where He always resides. In that constant presence or awareness, we will be living in the fifth dimension.

So, you see, even to devout Christians who take every word in the bible literally instead of appreciating the metaphors, stories and so on, this should make sense. It can be approached and explained in religions terms, in spiritual terms and in scientific terms when we begin talking about the frequencies that exist in all of energy.

Back to a less elevated perspective and one to which most everyone can relate. I’d say existing in the fifth dimension of life would give one more peace, alleviate fear and although messages of caution still come—they come as divine guidance not a jolt of emotion we cannot control. Life is much more joyous on this plane and in this reality.

I hope you will continue to read my blogs, my books and be open to the possibilities as I open a door here and there, just a crack, so you can see that there is truly something on the other side!

Until the next blog, I’ll leave you with a couple great songs from The 5th Dimension (yes, the musical group) that I loved: “Let the Sunshine In;” “Go Where You Wanna Go”; and “Up-Up and Away”.” Given the subject of this blog, those titles sound prophetic, don’t they?

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