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Princess Diana Shares Her Surprising Life Purpose!

This is the second blog in a series that is geared to illustrate how unprepared we are to cast judgment on another person’s life or death. I suppose it is human nature to render some judgments but I encourage us all to make soft judgments, not hard and fast ones. Soft judgments allow us to be open to other possibilities.

I know that makes sense to you because life is always so full of surprises that it’s nearly impossible to recognize any absolute at the time. Who knew the divorce or breakup you thought was a tragedy ended up being a blessing in the long run? Who also knew the job you lost due to downsizing would end up being the door that closed so that another would open? We never really know because the future isn’t here yet.

For souls who have passed and are on the “other side”, however, they see it all—the past and the future of the life they lived. They see it in its entirety and from a much more objective perspective. These souls now are able to realize the purpose for which that particular life existed.

When the icons in SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK, came—they did so with insightful, reflective, wise and in some cases unexpected messages. More souls have come since and one of the most unforeseen is one not yet published. However, on this one, I had to share it early because this life perfectly illustrates the case I make for believing we do not have all the information needed to cast a judgment on a person or an event. This message was astonishing and it came from Diana, Princess of Wales.

Diana lived a charmed life, was beautiful, sweet and was loved by everyone. Her death was a tragedy and never should have happened; just ask anyone on the planet! But her life and her death weren’t that simple at all. In fact, her true purpose was extraordinarily surprising, Again, the perfect example of a life that was here for a purpose that we never could have imagined.

Here is Diana’s message.

“For once, I am speaking to the public without fear of misinterpretation or malicious editing. This is a communication based on trust and I feel very at ease.

"My beautiful sons are now with their own families. It is heartwarming for me to see. I do watch over them continually and will love them for all eternity. I’m sure people knew that I put my children first, always. They were first in my love and in my life.

"Now here, I understand it all, my mission and why I left so abruptly. When our lives are presented before us, those of us who have been around the pole a time or two, can easily grasp the full picture. I’ll share a bit with readers, so they understand that sometimes perceived tragedy really has a purpose, and it is always for some overall good reason.

"I was innocence being introduced into a family, albeit a royal family, that was bogged down with rituals, odd history, protected behavior and little outside accountability as the rest of the world faced. To the world, they were perfect. The magnificence of the crown, the amazing architecture of their residences the adornments draped over their uniforms or clothing and the lack of expression on their faces kept us focused on the trappings, the façade. We never were allowed to peek behind the curtain. Everything was orchestrated for the public.

"In that setting, I was a unique sort. Shy, innocent, vulnerable and that was such a welcome departure for the British people to experience. They rushed to protect and to love me. So did the world. I truly was innocent. I knew nothing of long-standing affairs, mistresses or dalliances that might be commonplace or the lies and deceit that are part of any large institution or organization. I was a baby.

"I had one other advantage—in that I was full of love. I loved my husband, I loved the people of England, I loved children and I tried to love all the royal family. I even blindly loved the press, although they sometimes terrified me by surprising me at every turn. It was a love-hate relationship, I’d say now.

"When my children were born, I was in heaven on earth. When I traveled around the world tending for other children and trying to help, I was in heaven on earth, too. I even enjoyed the lovely clothes and attention I received. That was human nature to which, I also succumbed. In that regard, I was not a saint.

"As I matured, my life became coloured by trying to blend into the world around me and trying to survive emotionally. When I was taken out, as it were, that automobile accident finally released me to come home. I was sad for the pain it caused my boys and to the few friends I had, but it unified many in the world through their common grief and love. Yes, my death was a unifying moment—one the world much needed. There aren’t a lot of events that unify people in different countries around the globe in one singular emotion. My death was one of those things and that was good. It brought people together instead of separating them.

"From time-to-time, as people remember me, their hearts grow fuller and they long for the time when they could remember loving someone they never knew. When they appreciated innocence and their willingness to want to protect a perfect stranger from the realities of life. So many people wanted to protect me.

"I’m not sure if any of that makes sense to people today because so many don’t remember that event at all. Still, readers of your books and your material may. I hope they will once again, fill up with love, compassion and try for understanding someone they do not know. Pick a person, any person—give them love, sympathize with them and try to protect them from the evils that exist in life in general. When we all do that, one person at a time, we can heal the world.


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