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Please - Protect Our Children!

Where’s the public outrage with the evil that’s being perpetrated against our children? And where is the outrage at how little media coverage there is regarding this same world of depravity: the child trafficking, pedophilia and other mass scale horrors inflicted on the young? The entire subject seems to be conspicuously absent from public view. It’s amazing since, according to data from the Department of Justice, American Psychologist Magazine, US Department of Health and Human Services and other reliable sources, 1 in 10 children will experience physical sexual abuse in the U.S. before age 18; globally between 7-36% of women and 3-29% of men will experience sexual abuse in childhood; and over one-quarter of male victims of rape experienced their first incident at or before the age of 10. In addition, 31% of girls and 7% of boys in the juvenile justice system have been sexually abused.

The Jeffrey Epstein scandal flashed briefly into view but there has been no visible ongoing investigation, no in-depth journalism effort and certainly little legal accountability of which we are aware. So, we’re back to where we were with this extraordinary wide-spread assault on our children being swept under the rug. Wonder why that is? Wouldn’t you think there’d be more reporting on the great strides being made against child sex trafficking; pedophilia rings; child pornography sites and videos; and certainly, the satanic rituals involving children? Maybe it’s not reported because there is no advancement against this scourge. It’s just easier to claim all these crimes against children – especially the satanic related rituals - are merely wild conspiracy theories. That’s certainly a smart “spin” for the conspirators to promote which would discourage reporters from wanting to go down an empty rabbit hole.

Yet, it’s estimated, by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, that some 800,000 children, who are reported missing in the United States each year, are among those who are used as sex slaves, to make child pornography and to harvest Adrenochrome – which is considered the “fountain of youth” by many celebrities as well as those in politics, media, law enforcement, public service and the clergy. Why is the media not investigating and are so very quiet about all of that? Could it be too many powerful people are complicit? Could it be the related blackmail; individual protection; resulting power and greed; as well as their own perversions make avoiding this issue just too tempting? Even Jeffrey Epstein was handled with kid gloves, until finally, he wasn’t.

Taking care of our children doesn’t just include the issues that may seem remote; it also means being a better parent, a better caregiver, a grandparent and a mentor or guardian to the young people entrusted to our care. A recent message communicated to me from Maria Montessori (1870-1952), a precious and departed soul, was particularly inciteful on the issue of our children - so I want to share most of her message entirely.

“This is all about our children! Don’t forget them. In a world driven by power and greed – children get in the way. They become instruments to use. They become show pieces for advancement, for social acceptance and for servitude – either in a practical sense or to our fragile and failing egos.

“Our children are our hope. The same as precious seeds in our garden of life. In the end, you will judge how healthy the garden you left (was) – not only (for) your children but all children. Will the final plants be robust with their colors vibrant and their faces basking in the light or will they be limp, weak and smashed into the earth from being trampled on – because their caregivers were hurrying to reach somewhere else?

“Our children reflect the love and values of our societies. What have you all done to them? Think about the effects of this virus, the selfishness with which we throw them away as possibilities and the abuse we inflict as they become receptacles for our lust or vessels to be drained to benefit us. You will see the horror as I do if you stop and look.

In her message Maria touches briefly but powerfully on how some parents are much too focused on their own lives to worry about their young ones – and how the lockdown of schools - which devastated our kids - at the same time benefitted those who controlled that process. In addition she delicately referred to the prevalence of abortion and how easy it is to discard forming babies who could contribute to our future society – merely because of inconvenience or the potential for parental sacrifice. Finally, she touched on child sexual abuse and other atrocities many children endure to satisfy the perversion of adults. It’s her last reference about our children becoming “vessels to be drained to benefit us” that made me shutter and sounded eerily similar to the horrific satanic Adrenochrome rituals which first tortures and then drains the blood of our children – simply to benefit the affluent’s desperation for youth and energy. So, if the Adrenochrome issue is a conspiracy theory, as some claim, it’s odd that Maria Montessori would make such a clear reference to it.

She then continued:

“Please remember yourself many decades ago (in your own life) and then remember the world’s and your children today.

“Thank you, Sandy. I hope you have room for this message – it may be the most important one. Maria”

I couldn’t wait for the next book to share what Maria had to say, so I had to write this blog. In case you’re not familiar with her, Maria Montessori is that this founder of the Montessori Method of Education and was also a physician who received her medical degree in 1896 in Rome.

Whether my readers believe I actually receive these messages or not is unimportant – what is important is that I’m asked by each to share the information they provide, which I intend to do in an upcoming book. Ironically, of the more than 90-legendary voices who have shown up over the last 100 days to speak to me, Maria Montessori is the only one who made it a point to voice concern for our children.

I hope reading her message will make all of us more mindful of the responsibilities of being a parent, grandparent and guardian of our youth. How can we ignore, use and abuse those entrusted into our care? Also, how can we ignore or put a weak effort toward hunting down, prosecuting and holding accountable those who harm our most valuable resource?

Perhaps this blog will help us focus more on our children and the world’s children. Please support those who investigate, prosecute and try to shine a light on the atrocities directed against our precious young people. Speak up, if there is an occasion and donate where it makes sense. Most of all, celebrate those who advocate for and fight for our children.

Besides Maria Montessori, there is one more voice I’d like to quote in this blog, that of Nelson Mandela. Mandela once famously said: “History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.”

Remember this and fight for them.

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