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New Book Coming-Watch for It!

(draft of book cover)

Members of my blog family will always be the first to hear the latest news! I’m proud to announce that my newest book, SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK will be released in early November 2021. Watch for the exact date on my website! Now, this is the backstory on this extremely unusual book.

As you are all aware, for three decades I’ve received hundreds of messages from the “other side” mostly from ordinary souls who were familiar to me and of course, the Divine. However, since “HI MOMMA, IT’S ME”, my last book, was published—legendary souls began to surface. First twenty, then thirty, then forty, then fifty and at that point I was overwhelmed. Eventually one hundred and twenty-four legendary souls made themselves known in a few short months. They were all “big deals” in their lives, and I was in awe of their wisdom, insight, and the reflections they so openly shared. They came with no ego, no ulterior motive, and no posturing - just a sincere desire to reveal what they’d learned, to support my work and hopefully to contribute to mankind one more time. Their messages were too meaningful to simply file away, so SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK was born.

In this book, one of these souls explains why all the VIPs are showing up and another makes a beautiful case for why this method of communication is not only beneficial for them but healing for their souls. I put both those voices in the first chapter—Lee Iacocca, the brilliant automobile manufacturer and Paul Harvey, the famous radio broadcaster from ABC. The chapters are arranged according to the category of information they share.

Now, some of you might be skeptical and assume this book is fiction; it is not. When you read it, it will be impossible to ignore the authenticity of the content. You’ll find their comments unique with many extremely profound. You might also recognize that their personalities seem to have remained intact.

To offer the more formal description of this very unique book, here is a copy of the Book Summary. I hope you will be as excited as I am about its upcoming release!!


Surprising Reflections from the Other Side

Sandy Cowen

This fascinating book has a purpose other than to entertain readers; it gives voice to the voiceless and allows those departed to reach across dimensions to make amends, share regrets and offer wisdom. The author adds stories of her personal interaction with some of these famous individuals as well as brief annotations when clarification is needed. SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK is not a story but a unique opportunity to peek into the lives of some of the most famous people of all time who have long since passed.

Never summoned, 124 souls came to the author of their own volition to help those of us still living. As they share insights and what they’ve learned by reviewing their own lives from the “other side”, their reflections are often surprising. Readers will be struck by the candor, humility of each unique message and how the personalities of these famous people have remained intact.

SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK shines a light on the soul’s journey and is a fascinating exploration into the human experiment. After reading this book, it will be impossible to ignore the possibility of life after life.

Sandy Cowen, the author, is a very unique medium. She hid her gift for over 3-decades and although receiving hundreds and hundreds of messages over the years, she simply transcribed them and filed them away. Without judgment, filters or her own personal interpretation, she captured every word she received so that even the nuances of the messages would be retained.

SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK brings tender, inciteful and profound reflections from well over a hundred souls spanning millennia with their leadership, influence and celebrity. Those people range from powerful leaders like President John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Attila the Hun, and Golda Meir to corporate legends like Henry Ford, Lee Iacocca and John D. Rockefeller, Sr; writers such as Wayne Dyer, Ernest Hemingway and Ayn Rynd to sports figures including Mickey Mantle, Arthur Ashe and Junior Seau. From inspirational figures - Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks and Joan of Arc to great entertainers the likes of Judy Garland, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, and Frank Sinatra. Comedians and humorists including Erma Bombeck, Red Foxx, Lucille Ball and Phyllis Diller as well as other recognizable names such as Marie Antoinette, Dean Martin, Walter Cronkite, and Enzo Ferrari. The surprising names of Nichole Brown Simpson, Paul Harvey and Stephen Hawking along with Carl Jung, Socrates, Billie Holiday, and Marilyn Monroe, all participate, as well.

SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK is a must read for the curious, for those searching for answers in their own lives and those who simply want to reconnect with famous icons they thought were lost forever.

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