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Are You “Plugged In” Yet?

I used to tell Peter, an old boyfriend of mine, “I think you’re plugged into a BS socket up there!” I’d laugh but the comment was spot-on.

Peter was probably the most charming, quick-witted, and downright funny person I’d ever known—likely because he lived with no stress in his life, ever. Routinely, very clever responses would flow out of his mouth and I never had any idea how he could do that so quickly! They were spontaneous and frankly, brilliant as well as hysterical. This backstory might help explain.

Peter was a trust-fund baby who never worked a day in his life so his las a faire attitude might have helped. Women followed him everywhere because he was handsome and charming (as I said), came from a famously rich family and was simply fun. Early in his life, he’d pretend he worked but his office was the local restaurant/bar where he held court. In his briefcase, he carried vibrators. What can I say? Peter wasn’t a pervert; he was just an opportunist and he had an opportunity every time he turned around!

Peter was a Du Pont and his family was among the richest in the world at one time. The Du Pont’s were in the same league as the Astors, Roosevelts and Vanderbilts—so you get the idea. Peter’s grandmother was Pierre and Irénée’s sister, so his last name was something other than Du Pont; still people knew who he was. With that heritage as well as being six foot two, very handsome and had piercing blue eyes, Peter was something! He married twice but only to extend the lineage. Don’t get me wrong, he adored his children, but the driver was to produce heirs, not to be a faithful husband.

I first met Peter in between his marriages when I was single, too. Our first date was to a skeet shooting range (he was a competitive marksman), but I thought Peter drank too much, was too irresponsible and had too many hanger-oners for my taste. The next time we met was thirty-years later when a mutual friend fixed us up. I laughed out loud at the thought, but this time the reconnection was fun. Even in his very late sixties, Peter was still a good-looking man who didn’t disappoint when it came to the stories of his adventurous; he was still as charming as ever.

I’d love to illustrate some of his funny remarks but out of context and years later, they wouldn’t work. At the time however, he was a riot and typically loved to blow smoke up the skirt of some attractive female and even though his comments were often a little off-color, they were always hysterical. Yes, Peter was still “plugged in”, even at this age. Even though our dramatically different values made any permanent union impossible, we have remained close friends to this day!

I share this—not to tell the Peter story, but to fill in the gaps on messages that follow.

When I was writing SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK, two of the souls who came to me were Margaux Hemingway, the supermodel who eventually committed suicide, and her father Ernest, the brilliant novelist. They came at separate times and Margaux came first.

Margaux’s message was quite sad since she eventually committed suicide. She went on to share the burdens she faced living within a famous family. She went on to say that the legend always has his or her clear niche in history and the rest of those who follow simply bob around in the wake of that infamy, not knowing who they are or where they are going. She had low self-esteem even though she was a successful model and was very beautiful. In addition, she was challenged with health issues that were not easily defined. In her view, her life was miserable.

Flashback to Peter, also from a legendary family, but the difference between him and Margaux was that he just went with the flow. He could have cared less about making a name for himself; he was happy living off the name he had. Peter just partied throughout his life and besides that main difference, Peter was also “plugged in”, which made him happy and his life fun.

A few months after Margaux’s message, when Ernest Hemingway came to me, he talked about Margaux, my friend Peter and made a point to which some of you might relate.

“What a life. I seemed to just hold on and all the power of word-after-word poured

out of me. Probably why I enjoyed drinking as much as I did—to relax so I could surrender to the enormous creativity I was given.……. It’s more like you used to say to your friend Peter, who was charming and so quick witted. Remember? You used to say he was plugged into the BS socket (above). HA! He was! "And I know I, like many famous authors—particularly of fiction, receive that same

access (except another plug) and everything then flows from there.

"It was sad to hear of Margaux’s visit with you were she thought herself the least talented in the family. Had I known how she felt, I’d have explained that she was just on another current. Some currents are AC, some are DC, and some people just can’t find where to insert the plug. Sad. So many fumble around in the dark looking for the power— instead of just realizing who they are and their gifts.”

This is another example of how some souls who come to me are able to pick-up common experiences or activities as well as thoughts to which they relate from my energy field. It always surprises me when that happens, but Ernest Hemingway must have liked the “plug” analogy I used to use regarding Peter and related.

So, those of you fumbling around in life wondering where you belong or what will flow for you; you need only try this. Experience life and try all the outlets that are available. Eventually you’ll connect with the right one and when it fits—the energy will flow for you, too. You’ll know you’re in the right place when time stands still, and you are enveloped in the experience.

Your current might be found in sports, music, some profession or cooking—or perhaps in the arts, playing with little children, engaging with other people or doing something all by yourself.

When you find that place, you’ll know it and you’ll be “plugged in”, too!

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