Why Some Souls Get Stuck - part 2

Updated: Oct 16

This is a continuation of the earlier blog post explaining why some poor souls stay suspended without fully transitioning to the “other side” for way too long. Although, like I said before, this might only apply to a very few souls – a few is too many.

The information being shared below, comes from personal experience helping transition nearly 1500 souls over a 6-year period. They all fell into the same basic categories, which are continued below.

Interestingly, everything I write in these blogs is original material. I’ve never read or heard anyone else ever talk or write about this subject. So, you may be one of the first to receive it here.

Unfortunately, within this final list are the categories where I don’t have a quick fix one can begin to apply while living in this lifetime. Perhaps awareness will be enough to help us dodge the problem. Fingers crossed.

I’ll continue with the numbers from the blog Part 1 of 2.

(1) LOYALTY. If a ‘team’ passes together – sometimes all will stay together out of loyalty even if one of the souls is reluctant to transition. This team could represent a group in sports, the military, a group bound by a common issue or disaster or any other form of group that has a loyal relationship with one another.

10) SHUT-OUT-LOVE. Some individuals have hearts that have hardened to love and it may be difficult for those souls to allow themselves to pass over completely since they’d be moving into a place of total, unconditional love. That environment could actually repel them – much like opposite poles on a magnet.

11) PREVENTED. Sometimes a soul can be so surrounded by dark and negative energy that they are unable transition, or they stay stuck because another soul is hanging on to them, preventing ascension.

12) FEAR. A few variations on the same theme could come into play here: (a) afraid to transcend because they feel more safe connected to a person still on earth, (b) clinging to another soul, who has passed but not transitioned, (c) clinging together with another soul who died at the same time – out of fear and for survival, (d) looking down and never looking up and seeing things that are frightening to time, sometimes huddled together as souls, (e) simply becoming paralyzed by fear, in general.

13) IN SHOCK. Disorientation or confusion after an accident that caused their death sometimes keeps one from progressing naturally in a more relaxed state. Or, so surprised by death and in shock that they are stunned and ‘can’t move’. This often passes with time and only delays their transition. With very few they are frozen in the middle of the process.

14) DISORIENTED. Two classic incidents: didn’t know which was up, which I captured: One soul was floating upside down and was confused – therefore couldn’t find the light. Another when a group died at the same time and were so busy comforting each other that they lost focus on taking care of themselves and individually and moving on. They were distracted.

The process of transition is a very natural occurrence but in some of the

situations I’ve listed, it’s easy to see how the process can become short-circuited.

Although some souls quickly zip over to the “other side” - most take about 3-days to regain their bearings and move ahead. Some, as you can now see from these two posts, have a challenge making it at all.

Lessons for us all that many of the 14 behaviors are unhealthy for us – wherever we currently reside.

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