Why Some Souls Get Stuck - part 1

Although this only applies to a very few souls, some unfortunate ones do stay suspended without fully transitioning to the “other side” for centuries and centuries until someone helps them over. The reasons for this phenominon are fascinating and varied.

In the last 20-years of transitioning spirits into the afterlife, I have found that souls who get stuck fall into several basic categories. I also found that many of us have a few of these characteristics ourselves, but it is generally those in the extreme who are stuck for a while – and sometimes until someone helps them over.

I also found that some of the basic human traits listed below do slow the transitioning process down even if they exist in a small degree. Instead of an almost instantaneous transition after passing, some can take multiple days.

In this series of two blog posts, those reasons will be explored – some which we can try to prevent in this lifetime and others over which we will have little control now or later.

In part 1 of 2 we will explore the categories that could be preventable and what a corrective option would look like for each:

(1) NOT A SPIRITUAL PERSON. This type of person may not realize there are actually options after death, have no belief in a life after death or have absolutely no belief in a Higher Power or God. Corrective option: one doesn’t have to be a fervent believer but simply being open to the possibility helps.

(2) DUTY. Some feel a duty to stay behind because of a feeling of responsibility for someone on the earth plane. This obsession often continues after passing and prevents that soul from moving on. Option: help unburden those near passing who feel an unnecessary sense of responsibility for someone or something here.

(3) DEPENDENCE. Co-dependency can be quite an issue if one of those co-dependent individuals die. That dependency may cause the departing soul to stick near the remaining person because it’s impossible for them to be separated from the other. If both pass at the same time, and one doesn’t transition, often the second person sticks by his or her side. Option: helping your friend realize co-dependency is not healthy – living or dead or if that doesn’t work, give them the responsibility of clearing the path for you – realizing you want to transition and will wait for them on the “other side”.

(4) PREVENTED. Sometimes a soul can be surrounded by dark and negative energy so that it cannot transition or it stays stuck because another soul is hanging on to them, preventing their ascendance.

(5) IGNORANT ABOUT THE PROCESS. There are so many variations within this category that could prohibit a person from fully passing: (a) If a person wanted to stay with another who has also died but didn’t realize that more than one soul is able to ascend at the same time. (b) just didn’t know what to do and was totally confused by death (c) waiting for a guide or some type of instruction (d) didn’t realize there was a place to go (d) believed spirits hovered around those they loved and keep watch – didn’t understand or realize that they were to continue their journey onto the “other side”. Option: Learn more by reading, observing or asking.

(6) TOTALLY LEFT-BRAIN. Individuals who are totally logical and analytical – even those believing in God – often need an intellectual reason to ascend – a clear rationale why they should “let go” and let the process happen. Option: begin to expand your creative side, become more aware of nature and life.

(7) MATERIAL ATTACHMENT. Individuals too attached to material things in the earthly world sometimes get stuck and cannot fully transition because they won’t “let go” of the objects here. Option: Learn that less is more, feel the relief that scaling down can bring – try it, get help if there is a hoarding instinct or one is a shopaholic.

Now that you know more, recognizing the glorious afterlife that awaits – let’s

all try to transition sooner rather than later. I’ve provided some tools, now it’s up to you.

Read more in 2 of 2.

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