Why Some Souls Get Stuck - part 1

Although this only applies to a very few souls, some unfortunate ones do stay suspended without fully transitioning to the “other side” for centuries and centuries until someone helps them over. The reasons for this phenomenon are fascinating and varied.

In the last 20-years of transitioning spirits into the afterlife, I have found that souls who get stuck fall into several basic categories. It's also true that many of us possess a few of these characteristics even now, but it is generally those - in the extreme when they pass - who remain stuck until someone helps them over.

Below are some of the basic human traits that slow the transitioning process to something less than just zipping over to the "other side". The degree to which these affect you can determine how slow your process might be.

In this series of two blog posts, those reasons will be explored – some which we can try to prevent in this lifetime and others over which we will have little control now or later.

In part 1 of 2 we will explore the categories that could be preventable and what a corrective option would look like for each:

(1) NOT A SPIRITUAL PERSON. This type of person may not realize there are actually options after death, have no belief in a life after death or have absolutely no belief in a Higher Power or God. Corrective option: One doesn’t have to be a fervent