The Danger in Storing Anger

Anger that’s stored over time becomes toxic and the longer it’s stored in our bodies, the more toxic it becomes. That was proven to me in one of the most interesting sessions I’ve ever experienced while transitioning souls to the other side.

I was dealing with a Saxon woman from 556AD, who, besides her interesting story, also had a lesson to share. She was a woman who held on to anger all her life. She never allowed herself to feel anger or react to it; she stuffed and stored those feelings in her body until she died at the age of 63. Nobody knew she was ever angry – in fact, she was sort of a professional compassionate. You know, the kind of sweet person nobody can ever believe is real.

Fortunately, this woman had no real illnesses in her life which would naturally have occurred had her energy level been higher. With higher energy, trapping that anger within could have done a lot of physical damage to her own body but instead, she transmitted very toxic energy to others while she lived. Toward the end, she became so satiated with the angry energy that she would shoot bad energy to others even when she reached out to them with compassion. She had no idea she was doing that but because she was filled to the brim, she couldn't help herself.

When I connected with her, this gentle but deadly woman had not yet fully transitioned to the afterlife; she was stuck. Still, she still continued to try to relate to people on the earth plane in a compassionate way. In the process, she continued to do harm, as she had in the later years of her life. If she saw a situation, to which she could relate, she tried to reach out to that person on earth but instead of bringing comfort, she sent them negative, angry energy that resulted in triggering illness and behavior issues in them. Although she tried to be loving and caring, as her heart had always dictated, it was impossible for her. She ended up doing more harm than good to everyone she touched. She had no idea of the havoc she wreaked on those for which she cared.