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How Bright is YOUR Light?

Have you ever heard the term lightworker? It’s a term coined in the early 80’s and refers to individuals who are intuitive and driven by their internal guidance in the service of mankind in one way or another. Many people in the spiritual space tend to refer to each other as lightworkers although not all realize the nature of their spiritual calling right away. Because it’s not firmly defined, there are many interpretations of what a lightworker truly is and those interpretations can be captured in various posters which have beautiful titles attached such as: Your spiritual power brings great blessings in loving service to the Divine.; It is the light that urges the flower to open its heart to the world.; You were born to light up the world.” and even, from the worship song: “This little light of mine – I’m gonna let it shine – let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.” There is something magical and illuminating about the word light.

The reason for this blog is to tie the popular label of lightworker to an early communication I had with my dear son Jon, who passed in 2018. For the benefit of new blog readers, when I first heard from Jon, it was a few hours after his death during his transition and I embraced his plea for answers as any mother would. All I could think about was helping him—not that in that instant, we were linked soul-to-soul and our new, unique relationship was about to begin.

The relationship between my son and myself has been powerful for Jon’s soul growth and unbelievably enriching and comforting for me. He doesn’t just pop in to say hi or to send a signal, he pops in to talk, to share and to explain. The dialogue goes back and forth between us, and Jon’s insight and perspective have encouraged even more souls to visit me, even many more than I’d received in decades past.

Anyway, back to the lightworker message. Because I transcribe every word I hear from the “other side”,and have been doing that for over 30-years, I am able to retain each message for reference much later so I don’t miss the nuances these souls might have initially tried to convey. When souls come to me, generally it’s because they want to share something that is important to them and is therefore important to me.

Jon’s messages are always deeply personal as some of the things he shares are the steps he’s taking to refine his soul to become more divine. That’s an ongoing process as our relationship, too, is ongoing. Jon’s visits are like a neighbor dropping in for coffee; I just can’t see him. We continue where we left off last time and he provides updates and visa-versa. So, again, back to the lightworker topic, I once I asked Jon how he knew who he would be able to connect with here on earth. This is what he said:

“It’s like flying into a city (at night) and seeing all the lights beneath. Everyone we

have ever known in our lives is represented. Those we have simply met only once, dealt with casually or observed from afar, but who still impacted our lives. They are all there—our loved ones, our family—everyone in our earth-experience tribe whose interaction was a part of this existence. They all show up as little lights [beneath us] but some of those lights shine brighter. Those are the ones we can connect with.”

Lightworkers, indeed. The lights that shine brighter are those who’s spiritual energy is bright enough to receive information from the other dimension(s). So, naturally, souls are attracted to the easiest path.

The bright light concept also makes perfect sense when we think of the celebrity mediums who appear in large gatherings. Some believe these mediums are just in show business, not in the spirit business but I disagree. These mediums do have gifts and because their lights shine more brightly, when souls look down and see their loved one in the vicinity of such a light, they often reach out in hope of connecting with their friend of family. A group setting like that doesn’t allow for lengthy dialogue and that’s fine since most souls simply want their loved one to know that they are OK, that they love them or that they are sorry. Sometimes they’re share something that reassures their loved one that it’s really them—like complimenting the new color they painted their house, the performance of a child in a recital or an object that had meaning for them. Yes, celebrity mediums are for real, and the brighter light explanation seems to connect the dots for doubters.

In my book, ‘HI MOMMA, IT’S ME”, I cover how souls stay connected forever and the power of undying love. The title, of course, came from my son, Jon, since that’s how he always begins his messages when he contacts me. This book also deals with frequency energy and related subjects to clarify why the light analogy makes so much sense but for now, I’m only focusing on the title of this post.

How bright is your light? I suppose some of you will know if you are receiving signals from loved ones from time to time. But if you’d like to crank up the power of your energy and therefore your light—there are a few things you can do to raise your frequency more closely to perfection. God’s energy is pure love energy and is therefore the highest frequency possible. It is quite rare for a soul here to get anywhere close to that perfection, but our souls still strive to achieve that state, which is living in unconditional love.

To keep in that loving space we have to first be willing to receive love from the Divine as it continually flows to and hopefully through us. To do that, we must keep our hearts open. When we accomplish that, and people we meet feel the instant flash of loving energy between us—a flash bonding occurs. People feel it instantly and most respond with a smile. However, being vessels for love is challenging when all we can focus on is the emotional drama around us, petty differences and other insignificant earthly matters that seem to dominate our daily routines. Instead, it’s much better to elevate oneself above the constant stress, worry and emotional distractions occurring around us. The goal is to become more of an observer of life than to be immersed in it. Another trick is simply to smile more. You’ll be surprised how your life will begin to shift to one with more kindness, understanding and compassion for others with just that one physical move.

These few hints are very basic or top-line suggestions on how to begin since it takes a while to grow into that loving place. However, what a wonderful New Year’s Resolution! If that becomes one of yours, you’ll experience more joy in your life at every turn. With unconditional love as your core, you can jump from a 40-watt existence to a 60-watt one before you know it!!!!!

You’ll know you’re improving when you receive little signs, like your friends humming, “You light up my life …….”

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Mary Jo West
Mary Jo West
Jan 12, 2022

Love this! Wish the whole world could read this. Thank you, Sandy l

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