How Bright is YOUR Light?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Have you ever heard the term Light Worker? Although I’m certainly not an expert on the subject, it appears to apply to people who spread the light of love to others: through their work or their being. There are so many interpretations of what a Light Worker truly is that people try to capture it with posters and beautiful titles attached such as: “Your spiritual power brings great blessings in loving service to the Divine.”; “It is the light that urges the flower to open its heart to the world.”; “You were born to light up the world.”; and even, from the worship song: “This little light of mine – I’m gonna let it shine – let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

The reason for this blog is to tie the popular label of Light Worker to a communication I had with my dear son Jon, who passed in 2018. He and I reconnected shortly after his death and once I heard him, I embraced his plea for answers and in that instant, we were linked soul-to-soul and our new, unique relationship began. This relationship has been powerful for Jon’s soul growth and unbelievably enriching and comforting to me. He doesn’t just pop in to say hi or to send a signal, he pops in to talk, to share and to explain. The dialogue goes back and forth between us and Jon’s insight and perspective have encouraged even more souls to visit me, even many more than I’d received in decades past.

By the way, I transcribe every word I hear so I can keep the messages for reference much later but also so as not to miss the nuances these souls might communicate. I don’t, like some mediums, hear words here and there and ‘top line’ the thought, filling in the gaps with their own interpretation. Their messages are not complete and only convey a general sentiment like: I love you, I’m sorry, I’m fine or I like the new house paint. Those communications may be enough for most people – just so they know their loved ones are at peace. My access, however, carries with it more responsibility since I’ve been asked to share these lessons and perspectives with others here on earth. So stepping aside, I capture their exact words.

I guess I’m different, as a reluctant medium, who became that quite by accident. As that gift grew slowly over 30-years, I was so appreciative and stunned that anyone would come to me at all that I intentionally wrote every word with pen and paper. I was there to learn and listen with an open heart and no judgment. I didn’t want to miss a thing. Even now, as I write, I never understand the entire context until I read the message back and then each message is so loving, supportive, insightful and generally profound, regardless of the source, that I keep each safely filed away. Guess I have records of more than 350 in the last few years alone.

Jon’s messages are different in that they are deeply personal as he shares with me all the steps he’s taking to refine his soul to become more divine. It’s an ongoing relationship not just a discussion. We continue where we left off last time and I get updates on him and visa-versa. Once I asked Jon how he knew who to connect with here on earth. This is exactly what he said:

“It’s like flying into a city (at night) and seeing all the lights beneath. Everyone we

have ever known in our lives is represented. Those we have simply met only once, dealt with casually or observed from afar, but who still impacted our lives. They are all there – our loved ones, our family – everyone in our earth-experience tribe whose interaction was a part of this existence. They all show up as little lights (beneath me) but some of those lights shine brighter. Those are the ones we can connect with.”

Light Workers, indeed. That concept also ties to the celebrity mediums who appear in large gatherings. Some believe these people are just in show business, not the spirit business. I disagree. They are connected and their lights shine brightly so when souls look down and see their loved one near such a light, they reach out in hope of connecting with their friend of family - generally, with very short messages. I’m sure many souls at a time try to reach the same light, much like a Macy’s sale on Black Friday, so that not one of them ever has that much individual time. A good reason why messages are short and then a personal refence like the new house paint is thrown in, so their loved one knows it's really them. These celebrity mediums are absolutely for real – they’re just moving very quickly to accommodate as many messages as possible.

In my book, ‘HI MOMMA, IT’S ME”, the subjects of how souls stay connected forever and the power of undying love, are covered in depth. The title, of course, came from my son, Jon, since that’s what he begins with when he contacts me. Then, we begin.

In future blogs, we’ll chat a lot more about frequency and energy and those subjects will further clarify why the light analogy makes so much sense but for now, let’s get back to the title of this post. How bright is your light? If you’d like a brighter light and want to stand out to the souls on the other side, there are a few things you can do to raise your frequency a bit.

It’s total and unconditional love that will do it. Tying oneself too emotionally to small, insignificant earthly matters is not helpful. One should, instead, elevate to being above the constant stress, worry and emotional nonsense that goes on around us – try to be more of an observer of life than emersed in it. Try to stay in the moment with a clear – or uncluttered mind; open your heart so the love that surrounds us flows through you to the others in your proximity; drop judgment and make a surrender to unconditional love your first reaction – to everything. And, sincerely smile more. You’ll be surprised how your life will begin to shift to one with more kindness, understanding and compassion for others as well as the ability to experience joy at every turn.

With unconditional love as the underpinning, you can jump from a 40w to a 100w before you know it !!!!! And, your friends will be singing, “You light up my life …….”

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