Wisdom From Beyond - Mental Health

I’ve written in another blog about giving mental health patients drugs over the long term and how that process doesn’t do anything to correct the problem and likely does more damage to their physical body in the process (Mental Health Tips to Limit Drugs). Mitigating a few symptoms seems to be the justification which would be fine if there wasn’t a better way. One of my guides had something profound to say about just that.

This particular message comes from Evee, a very old entity of 480 souls who were all master teachers in previous lifetimes. They told me,

“We specialize in the highest forms of healing work on the emotional level such as depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, manic conditions, paranoia and severe addictions. Although not all individuals are willing and not all are ready to be helped, those who are can find complete healing. Answers do exist for everything and we are quite naïve to believe God would have created this masterpiece of a universe with limitless potential without such answers existing.

“Medicines are for the convenience of others. These drugs are administered to (1) make physicians feel like they are helping – at least symptomatically, (2) for family so they need only witness muted symptoms from loved ones and (3) for temporary functionality because people are too fearful to stop their lives long enough to really heal. Drugs have some benefit for those reasons but for little else.”