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Respecting "The Body Miracle"

When you think about it, the body that was given to us at birth was our very first birthday gift. It was a gift from God and what a magnificent gift it has turned out to be. Let me explain.

Any machine that can do myriad of things simultaneously and automatically is really something and our bodies do just that. We can be walking down the street, smelling orange blossoms, seeing cars drive by and people walking down the sidewalk, chewing gum and tasting the flavor of it, talking to a friend and turning our heads when we feel like it, moving our arms, digesting the meal we just ate, thinking about the next thing we’re going to say and brushing hair our of our eyes – all while our immune system is fighting off some pesky bacteria or virus, while our adrenal glands are providing the correct amount of cortisol for energy and while we are burning calories (it’s a long walk) – all with in the same minute! Each function happens by itself, without any additional thought or command and there are hundreds of more our bodies are performing of which we aren’t even aware. Yes, that body of ours is unbelievable.

But, just like any other piece of operating equipment, this one needs care, too.

Unfortunately, most of us take our physical selves for granted and frankly, take better care of the cars we drive. We don’t give our bodies the sleep they require, the nourishment they need, the water they crave, the supplements that would likely be of benefit or the peace and quiet they relish. Instead, we bombard our bodies with stress – some unintentionally and some of our own making, we drink or smoke too much, take to too many drugs (prescription or otherwise), eat horribly and wonder why as we age, things begin to fall apart. I was a perfect example of uber-neglect.

After more than a dozen years of being a postergirl for the lifestyle described above, living with unrelenting stress – no vacations and tying be superwoman – my body finally gave out. The first of my incurable illnesses surfaced. Then, as most of you know, I switched gears and realized that the conventional medical approach wasn’t helping me at all with the conditions they'd labeled chronic or incurable. What they were suggesting was actually counter-productive; they just gave me more and more drugs.

Later I broke free and begin to try a more natural approach to healing, which nurtured my body, and made it possible for this miracle body of mine began to respond and heal itself. The rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia (twice), chronic allergies, psoriasis, hyperthyroidism and later, even neutropenia, over-time, disappeared and my body reverted back to it's near-perfect state.

Granted, this body of mine is a little older now – and gravity has its disadvantages, but basically – I’m not the worse for wear, look much younger than my seven plus decades and am grateful each day for my first and most amazing birthday gift ever.

I hope this blog will help you, too, change your perspective about your body - begin to treat it with respect, listen to its signals and let it guide you with its reactions and internal voices so you will also find better health – in fact, perfect health. It’s never too late.

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