Sandy's Healing Library

After a remarkable 35-year track record of complete healing from a number of auto-immune and immune-deficiency conditions, I’m asked over and over who my doctor was. Not a surprising question. People generally seek other people’s guidance and often complete direction in areas where they don’t feel they have expertise: legal issues, health issues, repairing their automobile and plumbing – just to name a few that routinely challenge. My answer was not the typical response, it was simply, “I didn’t have one particular physician, in fact I didn’t use any conventional medical doctors for anything except the original diagnosis”.

Although initially I tried conventional medicine for my first auto-immune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, it only took 18-months of prescriptions on top of prescriptions to realize this system of care had no cure for a chronic condition; they’ll just medicate us for the rest of our lives. So, when I developed psoriasis, hyperthyroidism, leukemia (twice) and then neutropenia, I looked elsewhere. Those conditions were either chronic or their treatments were so drastic they, alone, could kill me. I went the natural route.

This was my strategy. My body had veto power over anything I tried and if my body responded positively, I continued with the supplements or crazy alternative therapies but if my body reacted negatively, I stopped whatever it was. I was always led to answers – I didn’t do extensive research about anything. Everything I used was natural, harmless and many eventually worked. Over time I was drawn to a number of books that guided my health and healing efforts or at least pointed me in the right direction. Today, they are considered classics.

So, if you are curious about how I got to where I am today – here’s the list of my favorite books with a brief description of why I chose each. With the exception of the first book, all were published decades ago but are still relevant and are a must for any healing library.