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Mental Health Tips to Limit Drugs

It was confirmed to me through a channeled message that answers actually exist for challenging mental health conditions. They just don't exist within the confines of conventional medicine.

I'm not the only person who believes this, as does a more credible voice who wrote about the subject a number of years ago - in his book, Spontaneous Healing. Andrew Weil, M.D., a Harvard educated physician and one of the early physicians supporting complimentary and alternative medicine, offered a list of health conditions in which conventional medicine does well and a list of conditions in which they don’t. Among those in the “don’t” category was mental health.

The lack of success conventional medicine has in this arena comes from the fact that psychiatrist M.D.s today are taught the same as all other M.D.s: to medicate symptoms with pharmaceuticals and to believe in the concept that many conditions are chronic (incurable). I've personally debunked that belief through conquering a number of my own health issues over the years. Still, drugs are almost always the first line of attack physicians use. Sadly,the ability to write prescriptions seems to be an impressively credentialled status - since many psychiatrists believe that extended talk therapy for solutions to mental/emotional health problems is beneath them and is better relegated to psychologists or counselors. Being able to write prescriptions elevates one's status, I guess.

Therefore, psychiatrists eagerly prescribe drugs to treat depression, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders and ADHD, among others. The problem is – drugs for mental disorders do not cure the condition but rather only control many of the troubling symptoms, as my guides illuminate further in a blog I'll issue soon titled (Wisdom from Beyond – Mental Health). Watch for it - it will make perfect sense to you.

There is a better way to help struggling patients. Many providers in the world of holistic healing believe there's an emotional root cause to every illness and mental illness that exists. So, that's a harmless way to begin. The link between the mental and emotional - and the physical truly exists - which is what makes the concept of mind-body-spirit medicine so intriguing and so powerful. Therefore, especially with mental health issues, ignoring the individual’s past emotional history is absurd. This should be one of the first steps taken.

Here are samples of root causes from Louise Hay’s book – You Can Heal Your Life, a bible in the holistic healing field. Others with prominent voices on this subject are Carolyn Mys as well as a handful of others.

I've listed a few examples from Hay's book identifying emotional root causes of some diagnosed mental health issues, which are often treated with drugs. If you have any of these conditions - read through the list of root causes that follows each and see if one (on that list) rings true to you. They will not all apply. If one answer feels right or triggers a spontaneous memory - that makes the emotion applicable. Sometimes just becoming aware of the "cause" helps - still, there are affirmations or other processes one can use to help neutralze those situations.

§ Anxiety – Not trusting the flow of life. Thinking about the past and the future. Feeling insecure (where was security?), unsupported and helpless to change your situation. Focusing on negativity and limitation and allowing yourself to wallow in fear.

§ Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression) – A childhood trauma perhaps happening to oneself or another, internal aggression and frustration you cannot handle, fear you are possessed in some way and can’t eliminate whatever is living inside you, wanting to be somewhere you are not.  Feeling like you don’t belong.  Trying to break free of control and domination.  Extreme stress or imbalance.

§ Depression – Anger you feel you do not have a right to have – very often associated with the relationship of young children and one or more parents. Hopelessness (the result of withholding anger not expressed over a long period of time). Feeling disappointed or disillusioned. Wanting to be saved. Blaming others for what is not working in your life. Being a victim.

§ Hyperactivity (ADD, ADHD).  Fear. Feeling pressured and frantic.

§ Insanity – Fleeing from the family. Escapism. Withdrawal, Violent separation from life.

§ Narcolepsy.  Can’t cope. Extreme fear. Wanting to get away from it all. Not wanting to be here. Fear of the future, avoiding life.

The most helpless feeling in the world is believing you have no control over the issues you face - but that's not true. The emotional root cause option is just one of the tools you can use to help with mental or emotional health challenges. We all have power in our lives and that power often lies outside of conventional medicine.

Another step someone could take, who's attempting to heal from mental health issues, is to find a skilled counselor who understands mind-body-spirit or holistic healing and can help you shine the light on long hidden issues you have kept buried and which might be ruining your life. That person will give you exercises to help you eliminate those buried feelings and which will hopefully mitigate your symptoms. Or, you could seek help through alternative means such as acupuncture and Oriental medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine or other alternative modalities to which you are drawn. Yes, any of those could have a positive effect with mental or emotional issues.

If you still believe only the M.D. community has credible answers, look for an M.D. who is also holistic. That specialty should appear on his or her website. Such a physician will typically use pharmaceuticals as a last resort and may even refer you to other appropriate providers for energy work or complementary methods that could be helpful.

The reason I believe so strongly in trying methods outside of conventional medicine before resorting to drug therapy for mental or emotional issues, is that in the last 20-years I have had several guides from the "other side" come to me – with emotional therapy expertise. Simultaneously I’ve attracted many people into my life who were living with issues such as: Bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic-attacks, agoraphobia, depression and ADD or ADHD and even health-threatening weight issues. In all instances, speaking with these friends, it was easy to instantly uncover traumatic emotional histories that each had buried and with which were never neutralized. In all instances, each individual had continued to supress the issue of origin and even maintained a cordial relationship with the perpetrator (generally parent or relative), driving the issue even deeper into their subconscious.

There doesn't need to be extensive talk therapy around any of this nor does one need to confront another person to recover, but it is amazing how people fear privately acknowledging such issues and would rather sacrifice themselves and their health to protect the image of someone they love(d). Answers do exist and finding those answers allow for healing on multiple levels. Then people can learn to forgive and release - but only after acknowledging the issue in the first place.

Don't give up - there is a solution for every problem. This I know.

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