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Jonas Salk's Point of View

My readers likely know by now that visitors from the “other side” routinely reach out to me, so I’ll share their information with you, either in books or blogs. This isn’t a typical medium scenario since I’m more like a spiritual secretary, dutifully writing down each message I receive verbatim, so every nuance is captured.

To that point, my third book, SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK, is a compilation of one hundred and twenty-four missives I transcribed, over the last six months, from legendary souls who have long since past. It’s a fascinating glimpse at the reflections, insights and even regrets they share regarding their most recent lives. That book is at the publisher now and should be released sometime this fall. Watch for the announcement and additional details soon.

This brings me to Jonas Salk (1914 – 1995), the American virologist and medical researcher who invented the polio vaccine and was the founder of the Salk Institute in LaJolla, California. Jonas Salk was among the one hundred and twenty-four souls originally included in this book until my publisher warned me that Salk’s comments could compromise our ability to promote this new book on popular social media platforms! Well, I was upset since these souls trust that I’ll never edit, censor or otherwise change their original intent, in whatever venue I choose to share their information. So, since I’d never modify Salk’s message, the only option left was to remove it completely from the book and expose it elsewhere.

Just because Jonas Salk has opinions that aren’t in lockstep with some of the accepted norms today, they should still be of interest since he was certainly a credible scientist. This, therefore, is how I compromised. I still included his name and the two-line description of him in my upcoming book as I did for each participating soul but instead, his message will not follow —one from me will. It will read something like this:

“Tragically, Jonas Salk’s message will not appear in this book because his strong convictions on the state of institutional medicine today and how current vaccines are being developed and promoted, fly in the face of the accepted discourse allowed on the most popular social media sites. Since it appears social media has now become a major arbiter of what the public is allowed to say and what opinions we are all allowed to have, it breaks my heart to move Jonas Salk’s profound missive to another venue. Since I’m advised that to include it here could risk the comprehensive marketing efforts of this valuable book, instead, Jonas Salk’s entire commentary will appear in a blog on my website and readers can find it there”.

All souls who come to visit me and share, do so with no agenda, speak objectively and exude unconditional love and honesty from their new perspective. Most reflect on their own lives but a few comment on the state of things globally, what’s going on in the United States and sometimes they have an opinion about their particular profession. Jonas Salk was no exception, so if readers are reluctant to hear a different point of view about the COVID-19 virus and the current vaccines, this would not be a blog for you to finish reading. I did no editing and the message that follows is word-for-word, of what I was given.

Hello Sandy, I know you remember who I am because you used to stroll down the beaches of La Jolla, California by the Salk Institute and I know you used to talk about me to your husband and others.

“I am so grateful I was able to find a vaccine to cure the horrible threat of polio in the world. I was blessed with this gift. Virology was rarely talked about in those days, as it is today. People just referred to me as a researcher and scientist, which was fine—as long as the answer was discovered, I didn’t care.

“Today everything is upside down, it is different, and it is corrupt. I felt obligated to speak up because it seems everyone in the research business has an agenda. Of course, even back then, we all clamored for grants to fund our research, but this is much more. This is about constant publicity, political posturing, making money through ownership of many of these discoveries and corruption at every turn. I am sickened, quite frankly by all of it.

“The epidemic that everyone talks about today is a simple viral condition, although modified by humans, it is curable without a vaccine. So, I’m not sure what all the panic is about. We only rushed to find a vaccine to prevent polio because there was no method to cure it.

“It appears there are many cures or therapeutics out there to effectively treat and cure, at different points in the disease cycle, this virus – so a vaccine is not necessary or needed. Why put people into the position of such fear that they are desperate for a vaccine that isn’t a vaccine at all?

“I do know what I’m talking about, as a virologist. I am not going to try to explain all of the details of this because, Sandy, you do not have the vocabulary to even translate what I am trying to say and on “this side”, (Heaven), I can only convey general thoughts limited to the vocabulary of the instrument through which I’m communicating. But anyone can look this up. A vaccine ALWAYS contains a small amount of the disease it is trying to prevent. It is given so the body will build its own immunity against that disease.

“In this case, this ‘shot’ is altering the immune function to make prevention possible for COVID related viruses. Unfortunately, it has not been tested extensively on humans and no one has any idea what the side effects may be. Humans are being used as guinea pigs. This is unprecedented and a power and money grab.

“If people are smart, they will look into the hidden ownership of the “vaccine” and what the benefits from everyone receiving one dose, two doses and who knows how many boosters in the future— is to those who have stock in this venture.

“Please, America, be smart. Don’t believe everything you are being told today. The AMA, the CDC, the FDA and the NIH are not what they used to be. They are now enormous power centers who have interests far beyond the public good.

“This is not a political commentary from me – since this horrible product was introduced in the Trump Administration and is fostered with great enthusiasm through the Biden Administration—walking a thin line toward mandating its use (and advocating for the requirement that everyone have one – Vaccine Passport – for work, transportation, perhaps school and whatever).

“I am a pure researcher, I am a scientist, I am a virologist. I am not a politician and am disgusted by everything that is happening today.

“You can believe this is me talking or not. But Sandy knows it’s me for I came as a great surprise to her, but I don’t think she is surprised by my commentary, at all. Jonas Salk”

I wasn’t surprised at Salk’s message since I’m also very skeptical of most massive medical institutions today and have watched them for decades try to discredit and control the production of every natural supplement and vitamin that doesn’t fit within their agenda. They have been ruthless at trying to destroy alternative medical medicine providers up until most recently. Google still slants many of its articles—so if you don’t think the AMA and others have tremendous influence, think again!

Many of you who follow my blogs and are aware of my own personal health history know that I’m not a fan of pharmaceuticals. Although I use prescribed drugs on occasion—it’s as infrequently as possible, since each generate side effects, even aspirin if taken over the long term. Anyway, I’m now healthy as can be having survived more chronic and critical illnesses than most families endure in a lifetime!

Still, I hope you appreciate that offering this blog is not meant to bully anyone into believing anything specific regarding COVID-19 or any vaccine. I’d never do that since above all else, I believe in free choice and free will. I also believe in Jonas Salk’s right to say whatever he pleases and since he probably couldn’t do that on social media, he certainly can do it here!

I hope you will all watch for my new book, SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK, which will include over ten dozen fascinating messages from legendary souls. Some will make you smile, others will touch your heart and many will make you think! That’s the best of all!

Onward and upward, my friends.

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1 Comment

Kimberly Lay
Kimberly Lay
Oct 05, 2021

My Dearest Sandy, I can't begin to tell you many many Thanks for all you do!! Thanks doesn't even begin to show how Very Much Thankful I am for you!! Your articles always give me sense of right direction!! And gives me such meaning to this crazy world today!! You never seem to Amaze me! Never stop doing what you do!! I Love You Dearly and Always!! Kimberly Lay

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