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Is it Gender or is it Sex?

My life is so much fun because I routinely hear from souls on the other side, very famous souls, who are so much smarter than I am. Sometimes the messages make me giggle and other times I’m simply in awe of the wisdom they impart. The other day was the perfect example.

Governor Ann Richards, the Democrat Governor of Texas, who died in 2006 decided to pay me a visit. Her message will be appearing in my next book, MORE SOULS OF LEGENDS SPEAK, which I anticipate for the end of 2022 or early 2023. The fact that these extraordinarily and impressive souls continue to beat a path to my door really leaves me no choice but to assemble another book. As of this blog posting, there have been an additional 146 souls since the end of August 2021. That is enough for another book—plus!

Well, back to Ann’s message. What was bizarre about her visit is that she said this to me:

“I may be a little different, but I’d like you to ask me something. Would you?”

Well, I was stunned. Nobody has ever asked me that before and I typically just listen and write what I hear. This time, in response, I frantically thought about what readers might want to know, but my mind went blank. Then, totally unaware of where the words were coming from, I said:

“Tell me a little about gender on the other side. How does that work since you are coming to me as the female, Governor Ann Richards?”

And, although I knew gender disappears at the soul level, thus on the other side, I was still curious about her response since she was shifting into Governor Ann Richards for her message to me.

Well, you’re a smart one. Good question. There are no genders here. We pick our genders when we recycle. By the way, I like that term [recycle], it is less polarizing than reincarnate. Anyway, I am sharing about Governor Ann Richard’s life because her life is part of my soul experience. She is part of my soul as were many other lifetimes where I was both male and female.

People might be curious about the two different sexes since gender fluidity seems to be all the rage. Funny, [since] you are all catching up with soul work. [And here there is] No gender at all. However, there are only two sexes. The male sex, which fertilizes and the female sex which produces the egg and bears the children. Gender is a different matter. It might be nice if you would all smarten up a bit and quit mixing them up. A person can have sexual capability neutered but that has nothing to do with gender. Gender is what you feel, what you demonstrate and how you live. Anyway, that is how I see it from here.

I think I went far afield from where you even wanted to go but your question was an innocent segue into a very complicated subject.”

Now, as a soul on the “other side”, each one is able to see things on earth as they are now and were. They do not see or talk about what might happen in the future.

So, as she references today, biologically, one’s sex and sexual capability cannot be altered although one’s sex can be neutered and cosmetically reassigned. There is a distinction there although one’s gender is one’s own choice.

Seems to me the real issue is when we begin talking about someone being a female or a male. Is that a biological or physiological reference? Most don’t say and the assumption, therefore, must skew to the definition in any modern dictionary which for female is (adjective) the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova) which can be fertilized by male gametes. If you look up woman, the definition is a female person or human being.

Although this might be a fragile subject to some, it can be clearly defined if newscasters, pundits, advocates and politicians simply get their language straight. So, in that sense, Gov. Ann Richards hit the nail on the head, we all need to smarten up a bit.

Even the big sports controversy could be cleared up quickly if people acknowledged that there is such a thing as a female body and a male body, regardless of the alterations that occurred. Those alterations had nothing to do with overall height, personal strength, various advantages of reach or endurance, etc. I’m sure that it is written somewhere where the biological distinctions are between a (now that we have the literal references correct) female body and a male body, in general terms.

Anyway, if the authorities governing athletics would establish the criteria on certain physical characteristics instead of sex, we’d all be better off and there’s be less controversy. But it seems that controversy is the fuel that generates personal exposure, fills up network airtime, and helps politicians grow their constituent base. There’s always an agenda, isn’t there?

So, sensitivities and confusion continue mainly driven by the media who can’t get straight the difference between sex and gender. Although not the entire answer, at least this one politician got pretty close!

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