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Fear and Our Immunity

If you think fear might have something to do with how your immune system functions, you’re absolutely right. Yes, fear could be the one worst emotion for weakening your immune system. This is not an idle comment since I have the credentials and many decades experience to back up such a statement.

For more than thirty-five years, I’ve overcome a multitude of auto-immune and immune deficiency conditions, naturally and without pharmaceutical drugs or the “help” of conventional medicine. My conditions were rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia (twice), psoriasis, chronic allergies, hyperthyroidism and finally, neutropenia. I was able to accomplish that feat because I learned what weakens and what strengthens the immune system, mainly through my personal experience. So, I’m considered an expert, by many, on how the process of holistic healing works.

Just to clarify, holistic healing is a comprehensive process and rolls out in a cumulative and progressive way. It’s never a quick fix. With this natural method, our bodies are allowed to heal without the damaging side effects of the pharmaceuticals on which conventional medicine relies. Holistic healing is a process that incorporates our physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual bodies in the process – that’s why it’s “whole” in the way it works.

When I reflected, in hindsight, to immortalize what I did to strengthen my immune system, over those years, I had to also become aware of what weakened it. Everything fell into one of three groups: the physical, the mental or emotional and the spiritual.

Briefly, taking the last first - how we approach life spiritually (i.e., having hope or faith in anything) has a powerful impact. How we function mentally and emotionally is key as well. I’ll say more about how the emotion of fear impacts our bodies in just a moment. Finally, the physical is a bit more obvious and includes getting enough sleep, healthy nutrition, correct supplementation, abstaining from certain lifestyle habits (while healing), keeping our gut healthy, being mindful of allergies or food and chemical sensitivities, watching our exposure to many different toxins and eliminating physical stressors which can range from constant exposure to too much noise to cramming too much activity into our daily routine.

This blog, however, is about fear so let’s talk more about that. Fear is more than being afraid of something since the family of fear-based emotions is broad and incorporates a range of emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, resentment, selfishness – among others - and fear, itself. They all drain our energy, weaken our bodies, and make us more susceptible. Fear alone, is the worst of them because it can go on and on gradually increasing our stress levels. I don’t have to explain how dreadful too much stress can be to our health. One other thought to consider is that fear and worry rob us of laughter and a sense of humor, both which are healing. Also, love is the antithesis of fear and when you feel one emotion you cannot feel the other at the same time. Love is healing and fear makes us vulnerable.

Now, think about the last 18-months. That time was filled with fear mongers frightening the devil out of everyone in America and even globally about this new strain of virus with which we were facing. Medical institutions (not necessarily all medical professionals), the media and various politicians reacted to this virus as if it was the bubonic plague. Just because it was very contagious, it didn’t mean it was deadly. It was lethal only to the most vulnerable and sadly, we as a world population have become less healthy over the years especially in the U.S. with a prevalence of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, COPD, auto-immune diseases and cancer – all of which made contracting a virus more risky. So, many did die. Still, those in control (FDA, CDC and NIH) ignored therapeutics that were brought to our attention in the early months mainly for two reasons. First, because President Trump mentioned one and the second reason is that the FDA cannot issue vaccines when there are methods to treat the disease already existing. So, you can see why discrediting anything that might have been working for many had to be invalidated. Instead, those in control locked people up, issued mask mandates, shut down businesses, kept our children from school and caused a panic from which many have not yet recovered – none of which have subsequently proven to stop people from getting sick. But there was a side benefit to those exercising control - most of humanity became used to this extreme form of domination. The whole process they applied also created stress and promulgated even more ongoing fear.

I promise not to stand too long on this soapbox, only to reinforce the point that fear is a real issue that affects our health and fear could be understandable in the short term but promoting long-term fear has been a horrific form of social abuse – especially when fear would increase our risk of contracting such a virus. Besides co-morbidity issues, fear,and overall ignorance about how to bolster immune health have been our biggest enemies in warding off this disease.

Let me also remind you of a couple easy steps you can take to strengthen your immunity: vitamin D-3, vitamin C, zinc and exercise were all helpful and easy to apply. I’ll add one to that list – turning-off the TV more often. I typically turn the news on in the morning to see if anyone invaded our country or if there was any massive natural disaster on its way and if not, I’d flip off TV news and go on about my day. Staying tuned to the panic and exaggeration is always counterproductive.

These are some methods of stoking fear we should all watch out for. Specifically, when the media – or medical bureaucrats only talk about contracted cases – and not deaths. For a very contagious virus, of course cases would increase but the question lies with whether very many who caught the virus really landed in the hospital or died. If they were just sick, that isn’t the end of the world. Eventually, their immunity will serve them well to help them dodge the next mutation of the virus and minimize the effects of future viruses, should they catch those.

Fear is the real issue. Don’t buy into the propaganda and don’t let those who benefit most from this panic help make you sick. Do you know who those are? The media – who gain ratings with the more people who are glued to the TV; the institutional bureaucrats who change their stories daily to get airtime and wallow in their 15-minutes of fame; social media who keep people glued online and off the street and in stores and some major corporations who benefit from people dramatically changing their lifestyles. Finally, politicians who become pompous power mongers and can’t wait to show us routinely how much clout they really wield. It’s all almost criminal.

Just a reminder, I’m a woman of seventy-seven years and a person who’d be considered in a very high-risk group because of my health history and tendency to have immune compromising issues, yet I’ve sailed through all of this with no problems at all. I only wear masks, when forced to enter an establishment and take it off as quickly as I can. I never wear masks outside, at home or around friends – unless someone is paranoid and I wear one then out of respect, only. I’m also aware of a number of natural anti-viral remedies and can help myself – as I have for decades. Finally, I’m smart – so I am not easily frightened or intimidated by those who are ignorant about all the options available. I do my own research, listen to everybody who’s courageous enough to speak-up and then pick and choose my sources for information.

I won’t get into the “vaccine” debate other than to state that the jab is still experimental and the folks at the drug companies, CDC and FDA have not been transparent in reporting ongoing findings of how bad the side effects really are. I’ve also learned that we are listening to the “experts” and not science – since science is a process of discovery and changes routinely until a hypothesis is proven. Nothing is proven yet. I am always weary of social media, the media at large and others who stop us from asking questions and discourage the free debate on the efficacy of these “vaccines”. Discussion only is forced to stop when people don’t want to answer questions. Finally, I resent people who actually tell us that “unvaccinated” people are a danger to those “vaccinated”. The logical question is – so why did they get the vaccine in the first place? With all this insanity, I just sit back and wait.

Finally, too many people are making a fortune on fueling the terror of catching a virus which is non-lethal for the majority of people in the first place. Besides all the mask and protective equipment sales as well as the retail establishment floor stickers and plexiglass cages for personnel – I can just imagine the revenue. That’s not counting the massive profits realized by big-box stores like Walmart and online buying venues like Amazon while many small, local businesses have ceased to exist. Frankly, if people would just open their eyes and look around at what has happened to our communities, without stopping any virus at all (or frankly even minimizing it in restricted areas), that would scare the devil out of anyone.

Finally, we also have to consider the billions being spent on the eventual vaccine production. There’s money flowing everywhere except to those poor individuals unable to run their businesses or return to work because they’re home-schooling their kids. This is a big picture perspective, but I think you get my point. Some people make lot of money – so continuing the panic is profitable for some.

Another benefit to continuing the fear mongering is exercising radical examples of governmental power and control – on the statewide and local levels. The unleashing of egos has also been astonishing.

Let’s just remember that all viruses mutate routinely, become immune to vaccines, and become resistant to most drugs, over time. The best weapon to staying healthy in the face of all bacteria and virus outbreaks is maintaining our natural immunity. And the best protection in the long term, once we’ve contracted such a bug is to realize we now have natural immunity against this critter and that immunity always lasts longer than seasonal vaccines and helps us navigate the mutated strains without more serious repercussions.

So, if you want to protect your body’s immune system and shield yourself from this virus as well as others, don’t fall victim to fear. If you let this stress dramatically affect your lifestyle and create even more day-to-day stress, you’re contributing to your body’s decline. Additionally, it’s never good to relinquish your personal power to anyone or anything. Doing either is just not good medicine.

Instead, take good care of yourself, use common sense and don’t be afraid to go outside for a brisk walk, to enjoy the sunshine and breathe a little fresh air. Remember, common sense is your friend and fear is your enemy.

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