Fear and Our Immunity

If you think fear might have something to do with how your immune system functions, you’re absolutely right. Yes, fear could be the one worst emotion for weakening your immune system. This is not an idle comment since I have the credentials and many decades experience to back up such a statement.

For more than thirty-five years, I’ve overcome a multitude of auto-immune and immune deficiency conditions, naturally and without pharmaceutical drugs or the “help” of conventional medicine. My conditions were rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia (twice), psoriasis, chronic allergies, hyperthyroidism and finally, neutropenia. I was able to accomplish that feat because I learned what weakens and what strengthens the immune system, mainly through my personal experience. So, I’m considered an expert, by many, on how the process of holistic healing works.

Just to clarify, holistic healing is a comprehensive process and rolls out in a cumulative and progressive way. It’s never a quick fix. With this natural method, our bodies are allowed to heal without the damaging side effects of the pharmaceuticals on which conventional medicine relies. Holistic healing is a process that incorporates our physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual bodies in the process – that’s why it’s “whole” in the way it works.

When I reflected, in hindsight, to immortalize what I did to strengthen my immune system, over those years, I had to also become aware of what weakened it. Everything fell into one of three groups: the physical, the mental or emotional and the spiritual.

Briefly, taking the last fi