Conventional Medicine is the Safest Route to Take.

“Don’t do anything risky – stick with scientific medicine.”, something we’ve all heard for decades. Friends and family, especially for people of my generation, cautioned us not to venture out into the vast unknown, using unproven methods provided by people with questionable credentials. The term “quacks” was often used to describe alternative providers. Today it’s used a bit less but still the preference, for treating almost any condition that ails us, is to seek a conventional medical professional first - regardless of how minor the condition or symptom might be.

In my first book, GET WELL – EVEN WHEN YOU’VE BEEN TOLD YOU CAN”T, I took great pride in busting a few medical myths that dogged us for decades. This particular one is one of my favorites. It’s also so easy to discredit with just a few facts. I don’t do this to take a cheap shot at conventional medicine, because I highly respect the profession. I just believe we depend too much on them and are too reliant on pharmaceuticals, their first line of treatment. I like to describe conventional medical care as too frequently using a canon instead of a flyswatter.

When the practice of medicine first began, not scientific medicine as we know it during the last 200-years, but the initial form of medicine credited initially to the physician Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC) - “First, do no harm.”, was their core philosophy. That statement was believed to be derived from the Hippocratic Oath, still taken by physicians today, but although most physicians recognize the claim, few follow it.

In the medical community’s quest to “attack” or “kill” the germs, bacteria, viruses, or cancers residin