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A 100-Year-Old M.D.’s Perspective on Medicine

Dr. Gladys McGarey, MD, MDH, will be 101 this November and she still speaks to groups, plus, is working with a publisher on another book. Her book tour is scheduled for 2002 and 2003! Are you inspired yet? Dr. Gladys, as many refer to her, has been a dear friend for several decades and everyone adores her.

Anyway, I was speaking to the head of her foundation the other day and Rose shared a quote Dr. Gladys had said recently, which I thought was brilliant. Her quotes always are. This was one of them:

“Medicine is so busy trying to prevent death that it’s killing life!”

Dr. Gladys believes in holistic healing, which she has renamed Living Medicine; a name I think is more apropos. As she describes it, the tools conventional medicine uses to attack the disease, kill the virus, destroy the bacteria, wipe-out parasites, and battle against infection are all tools of warfare. Medical doctors are focused on fighting a war against disease and using pharmaceutical drugs as the primary weapon in their arsenal. But as with any war, there is always collateral damage. The collateral damage is the side effect or side effects of the drugs prescribed and the victims of that damage are us.

Holistic healing, my preferred method of care, works to strengthen the body to do its own fighting and when needed, employs natural treatments and remedies to help the body shore up its resources to win whatever battle in which it’s engaged.

One method focuses on killing the disease and the other on healing the body. It’s a matter of perspective. I think Dr. Glady’s term Living Medicine is wonderful since it’s a new way to look at holistic healing; both phrases work for me.

All this brings me to a message I received a couple months ago from a soul on the “other side” who was a woman healer who lived in South America during the 17th Century. Her message was fascinating – so I’ll include most of it here.

“I was a healer for the village in which I lived. Sometimes I treated neighboring villagers who would be brought to me and once in a while, passersby who were sick or injured. I was a gifted healer. In my time, no one referred to us as physicians or doctors; perhaps some were called medicine men but that didn’t apply to females. So, I was a healer.

“Healing is an art; that’s the beauty of it. You pick from nature - since God gives us everything we need - if we open our eyes to see. Everything can be healed or treated with what nature provides.

“I was always led to the right answer and over time, I remembered and stored various herbs and remedies so they would be on hand immediately. I knew how to set bones, I could feel bones, muscles, and ligaments in the body, and I could sense where other parts of the body were weak or ailing. There was no reference for organs and their function, and it didn’t matter; we didn’t have to know why, we just needed to know how.

“The beauty of healing with nature is that within nature is life. Every leaf, every bit of bark, every herb that grows or flower that blossoms is filled with a life-force that brings life to one experiencing it; (it’s) healing energy - if applied or taken correctly. How could that not heal? How could God not provide? Yet not everyone has the gift to know what to use for what.”

She referenced that one doesn’t have to be an expert in herbs to be open to natural sources and potential answers to be a healer in one’s own right. That would describe my area of expertise. For me, it was through my own direct experience and being aware of my body’s response that told me what was working and what wasn’t. She continued:

“Today’s medicine is made from sources no longer alive: chemicals that are man-made not God made. They have no individual life – no nourishing capability, only the capability to attack something with a fierceness that causes damage in the long run. That is why scientific medicine – or chemically focused medicine - should only be used as a quick solution, to stop acute symptoms until the healing can occur with a life force that will heal and not kill.”

At this point in her message, the Healer mentioned my friend, Gladys McGarey, MD, MD(H), and her devotion to the practice of Living Medicine whereby she always treated the entire body as a whole and looked to the body for answers. She used pharmaceuticals only as a last resort. The Healer referred to the practice of Living Medicine, nurturing the body and allowing it to heal instead of attacking the disease without any regard to the effects on the patient later. Medicine’s mission is to win at all costs. This healer was more in concert with Dr. Gladys’ philosophy and then wrapped up her message with an explanation about vocabulary.

“Your readers will wonder why my language is so advanced for the time in which I lived. Well, over here, we are expansive and although I communicate with you telepathically and energetically, I use the vocabulary you have at hand, Sandy. If I send a thought that means causing dying quickly, you attach the word acute to that thought. I don’t care what vocabulary you use, as long as my intention is clear and with you, my friend, you are true to our intention when you help us communicate.

“I hope this helps someone understand better when to use damaging treatments. Infrequently and only for emergencies. And, healing treatments, for long-term care. That is what God intended and why he created the medicine of science in the first place - not to replace what I did, or others do - but to add to it.

“I offer this thought process to you and your readers humbly. Thank you for inviting me in. Your friend, The Healer.

“PS – Cutting is different and is certainly warranted - yet in my day we didn’t understand or have decent tools to use that method effectively. You call that surgery today and it is a Godsend in the right hands.”

The methods this Healer used during her life were primarily intuitive and based on common sense - two elements most seem to ignore today except for those of us who have had remarkable recoveries. We always include them.

Perhaps I should have titled this blog: Perspectives From Hundreds of Years Ago about Conventional Medicine Today. I just didn’t have a good photo of the older Healer. 

lasts a long time and generally require ongoing medical attention – often with pharmaceutical drug therapy. Let me list just a couple so you have a sense of

I have a right to an opinion on this since I have more than 30-years experience with watching and initially trusting conventional medicine (scientific-based and pharmaceutical driven) let us all down in the treatment of chronic illness, immune and auto-immune related conditions and many cancers. Do I hear cries of blasphemy coming from my readers? Well, And how is it that science says one thing, according to Anthony Fauci and then the next month, it says something else and then a few months later, it depends or the organization originating the information because some based on science information differs from other based on science information. that is labelled “scientific based” or described as “according to science”. The point of all this is not to debate which information about COVID-19 or the efficacy of mask wearing, social distancing and lock-downs were accurate and which were not. The point is common sense and personal freedom has flown out the window and we must all bow at the altar of science or whoever says something is scientific based. Question here – who made science God?


Hmmm. People seem to repeat phrases which they have no idea what they mean. First, the definition of science is “The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.” That’s the first definition listed according to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language – 5th Edition. Seems to be the term experimental investigation and theoretical explanation

Have any of you noticed the great reverence our society has bestowed on organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), deeply flawed, highly politically and uncomfortably connected to the Chinese Communist Party; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), which has , National Institutes of Health (NIH) Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID – of which Anthony Fauci is director.

Several months ago, I received a message from the “other side” - from a woman healer who lived in South America during the 17th Century. Her message was fascinating to someone like me who through a rash of chronic and life-threatening diseases became disillusioned with conventional medicine and ended up recovering from all six conditions without their help and without any pharmaceutical drugs. More about all that on my website but suffice it to say my body thrived as a result and was never riddled with side-effects and signs of advanced aging. I simply look and act ten to fifteen years younger!

This message came at a perfect time while I was watching the reaction by the conventional medical community, it’s

panic over a relatively harmless virus that although it spread rapidly and was very serious for the elderly and those with adverse health conditions, to most normal healthy adults and children this virus was not serious at all.

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