What Would Walter Cronkite Say?

For more than a couple years I’ve been very critical of the way the media reports the news. Regardless of which side of the aisle you’re on, it’s impossible to ignore the bias on both sides. Bias is fine for columnists and commentators but not for real journalists.

I have had a long life and for nearly 4-decades of that time I interacted directly or indirectly with journalists - so I guess I have a right to share my observations. The news industry has steadily declined in its attempts to put a lid on advocacy while reporting. They’ve also failed at being accountable and no longer post or state retractions when they’ve been dead wrong with their reporting, I’ve been so frustrated by all of it that a few months ago, I actually said out loud, I’ll bet Walter Cronkite is turning over in his grave. In fact, I’ve said that more than once. Most recently, my patience had reached the boiling point when I gave up, turned the TV off in disgust and went to bed. Not long after I had another “visitor”.

As you’re all aware, people come to me from the “other side” all the time and when they do, I dutifully pull out my pen and a pad of paper and write precisely what I hear. Not long after the incidents above, Walter Cronkite came with an opinion to share. Actually, over a period of a couple months, he came twice.

I’d better do a quick sidebar here to explain how I first know someone is coming, in the first place. Second, how I know who they are and finally, why there seems to be a rush of very famous people reaching out. I am anything but a namedropper and frankly, all these really famous folks showing seemed a bit embarrassing and I hardly believed it myself, another one? You have to remember, with the work I do, I never solicit a soul to come – I just honor whoever shows up.