Release Judgment - Find Peace

Judging others or even circumstances is a useless exercise since we're rarely correct and expend needless energy in the process. Let’s take circumstances, as the first example of what I mean. Judging events as positive or negative, correct or incorrect or good or bad is making an assessment without all the facts; we never have all the facts. First, we have to assume we'd have absolutely perfect vision of the future and the effects this event will have going forward. And, in retrospect is an equally futile exercise since being spot-on in this case requires us to accurately assess the sum total of everything that came before in terms of setting the stage for this single event. No human is that good. That’s why, this story is particularly relevant and is one of my favorites.

The tale was originally told by Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character in Charlie Wilson’s War. It's about a young boy and a Zen master who lived somewhere in a distant village - likely in Tibet. The boy had just been given a horse and all the villagers were so excited about the event and cheered how wonderful that this gift was. But, the Zen master simply said, said,

“We’ll see.”