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Ghost Busting: Spiritual Barbarianism

Spirits who make pests of themselves don’t need shooing away; they need compassion. How do I know? In the mid-80’s I first discovered spirits in my beautiful 1927 estate home - by accident and with plenty of witnesses. I happened to say the right thing and lo’ and behold – the first female spirit, who was occupying our premises, transitioned. We had named her Florence.

In the beginning, this spirit contacted us with electrical goofiness and then a faint image of her appeared to my husband one evening. I never noticed her antics since I was always too busy but thankfully I had an observant, although skeptical, husband. Steve pointed out the incidents so Florance became more real to me over time.

It was purely by accident that I was able to send Florence over to where she belonged and when that event happened, there were three other people present at the time. Actually, we were all just chatting about the fact that Florence existed and one of my friends asked why she might be reluctant to leave. My response was spontaneous and completely intuitive. "I think she's just too attached to material things." I said.

At that very moment Florence was gone and the physical and emotional reaction to this energy shift was apparent to all four of us instantaneously, but each in a different way. One of us welled up with tears, another's shirt was ringing wet (front and back), the third got chills and the fourth heard a screaching sound like defective hearing aids might make. At the same time, we looked at each other in shock and there was no question, Florence had left the premises.

A second visitor came a few weeks later and this woman had another soul attached to her, who held her back from transitioning. I was somehow able to approach the issue intuitively so I said what each soul needed to hear in order for them to move on. They transitioned as well. Over the years, more and more troubled souls came and I began to believe that the Angels had posted a neon sign above our home, that said, “This Way Up”. All told, over the next three or four years about 1500 spirits came for help – sometimes one at a time and sometimes in groups. The reasons they were stuck, their brief histories and sometimes lessons they wanted to share were fascinating to me and I made notes of all the relative facts and then they were sent home.

The key lesson I learned from all of that was when signaling us earthlings with their shenanigans – most often electrical in nature – these spirits were asking for help, not trying to be a nuisance. These souls don’t want or need to be scolded or shooed away; they need to be rescued. Most of their stories were tragic and so I am always compassionate when doing this work now. I learned to transition them all with an open heart and lots of love.

Ghost Busters probably think they’re doing the right thing but whatever extravagant process they use doesn’t eliminate the issue – it just moves that the issue to another site. Of course, some people don't want these spirits to leave at all; they like the glamour of having a ghost in their residence. For others, it's good for business to have spirits onsite. But, it's a waste of money and time to bring in the professional Ghost Busters with all the equipment and the big production. For some reason these professionals feel the need to prove the spirits are reallly there, first, by trying to record or photograph them.I have no doubt they exist and neither do those who experience their energy routinelly. All the fancy equpment and on-site ceremonies don't do a thing to truly solve the issue, they just look impressive. What's needed is somebody who understands them and who is willling to actually help.

I've been honored to be able to easily communicate with those who are temporarily stuck and send them on within less than an hour - whether I'm on site or at my own home. In fact, over the years, a couple friends have mentioned to me out of nowhere that they had visitors occupying their residence that either frightened their kids or in the other case, made their grown daughter skittish. In both instances, I asked if they'd like my help and of course they did. In the end, these friends ended up with a story of why those souls were there, who they were and finally, the souls were freed to move on to a heavenly realm. The end result - a residence that returned to normal.

Over the years I've found that the reasons these souls become earth-bound and unable to transition fall into roughly 15 categories. I explain many of those categories in subsequent blogs. I've kept records of their individual stories over the many years of doing this work. Maybe that will be another book someday! Anyway, watch for blogs on the subject - I think you'll find them interesting.

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