Ghost Busting is Spiritual Barbarianism

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Spirits who seem to make pests of themselves don’t need shooing away – they need compassion. How do I know? In the mid-80’s I first discovered spirits in my beautiful 1927 estate home, by accident and with plenty of witnesses. I happened to say the right thing and lo’ and behold – the first female spirit, who was occupying our premises transitioned. Her name was Florence and you’ll hear more about her in later blogs.

In the beginning, this spirit contacted us with electrical goofiness and then actually a faint image of her appeared to my husband one evening over just a few seconds. I never noticed her antics since I was always too busy. Thankfully, I had a skeptical but observant husband, who pointed the incidents out to me, over time.

When the second visitor came – along with another soul attached - again, I was somehow able to approach the issue with compassion and an intuitive sense of what each needed to hear to make it easier for them to move over to where they needed to be. Over the years, more and more troubled souls came and I began to believe that the Angels had posted a neon sign about our residence, that said, “This Way Up”. All told, over the next three or four years about 1500 spirits came for help – sometimes one at a time and sometimes in groups. The reasons they were stuck, their brief histories and sometimes lessons they wanted to share were fascinating to me and I made notes of them all. Then, they were set free.

The key lesson I learned from all of this is when signaling us earthlings with their shenanigans – most often electrical in nature – they are asking for help, not trying to be a nuisance. These souls don’t want or need to be scolded or shooed away; they need to be rescued. Most of their stories are tragic and compassion is also warranted in handling most so I learned to transition them with an open heart and lots of love.

Ghost Busters probably think they’re doing the right thing but their process doesn’t eliminate the issue – it just moves that pour soul to another sit. Somebody gets rewarded, however, and it’s usually the ghost busters who receive a lot of attention and are probably paid handsomely for their fancy equipment and on-site ceremonies. It is sort of funny, actually.

All that’s really needed, however, is to find people like me who can easily communicate with those who are temporarily stuck and send them on within less than an hour. It can be done remotely with no big production, no fanfare and no big price tag. Just a win-win for everyone: for the spirit - heaven, at last and for the home or business owner, the return to a tranquil and peaceful environment.

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